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Där är fortfarande mycket frågetecknen angående sommaren 2021. En del festivaler har ställt in, några är osäkra, några festivaler gör en betydligt mindre version än vanligt och några få har sagt att det kommer bli en festival under 2021. Belgien, Holland och England verkar kommit långt med vaccinationer. Tre länder med många festivaler... låt oss hoppas på det bästa!
Getting more and more worried for the festival summer of 2021... Will Covid-19 stretch that far? Keep the hope up! And remember to practise some headbanging once in while, just so you won´t forget how to do it :)
As we all know Covid-19 stopped most of our festival plans :( But there is finally a festival coming up that we will be covering. HX-festival in Helsingborg will be broadcast online and our photographer will be onsite and shoot some long lasting photos.
Will Corona f*ck up the coming festival season? All we can do is hope not, and stay at home if you have any signs of it, and of course wash your hands! Let´s hope that people will get well and that there is a festival season to look forward to.
Summer might seem far away but more and more festivals has released their tickets, make sure you plan your summer before tickets sell out!
At the moment the website is down, sorry about that. We are working on finding a solution for it. Please check back in later.
Still a few festivals to come! After that we hope to see our fans at various concert venues all over the globe. Keep on rokkin!
Mid May... that means summer and festivals! We have already done a few but many more to come SOOON!
Finally it is festival time! House of Metal in Umeå, Sweden will soon deliver some real heavy stuff. We have our photographer in place \m/-0_0-\m/
So it´s a new year, that means new concerts and festivals! The festivals in Australia is up and running and 70000Tons of Metal is just a week away. Have fun at all indoor gigs and soon the summer is here...
More and more bands are being announced for this years festivals. We at Festivalphoto is planning our festival tour as we speak. Follow us on for the latest news
Merry Rock-Mas and a Happy New Year to ya all!
We have covered many great festivals this summer, still a few to go and many photos to edit. Now we are looking forward to all indoor concerts coming up until next summer. Enjoy the "last" festivals all!
Festivals are running warm! We are just back from Hellfest in France, Uddevalla Solid Sound in Sweden and Tampere Metal Meeting in Finland. Lots of pics to edit and reviews to write. Next up Copenhell, Roskilde Festival, Provinssirock, Tuska among others.
Hey guys, spring has found some of us, that means festival time very soon...! Get your festival tickets and start planing your summer.
A legend...No actually God just passed away. The hardest, loudest, toughest, coolest and sweetest rock n roll legend Lemmy Kilmister passed away by cancer just after turning 70 years of age. Keep up your healthy diet wherever you may go, you will always be remembered! Killed By Death - Dec. 28 2015, R.I.P
Ho ho ho Christmas is soon here! Make sure you order your X-mas gifts soon to make sure Santa and Rudolph will manage to delivered them before the big day. (We will make sure we send the order as soon as the payment reached us.) Merry Rock-mas!
Hey guys, summer "just started"... there is still plenty of festivals. Hope to see you all in the mud and moshpit!
Finally it´s spring and some festivals is already on! Pack your backpacks and buy your festival tix now!
We had some problems with the website but after some updates it seems like problems are solved now. Please let us know if you run into anything that is not working.
Merry Rockmas everyone! Happy Holidays and make sure you get ready for a new year filled with concerts and festivals!
We are moving to new servers at the moment, sorry for the downtime, everything should be working fully soon. Until then please visit us on Facebook!
Still a few festivals to go, enjoy the summer as long as it lasts! Entremuralhas, Helgeåfestivalen, Uddevalla Solid Soundm, Popaganda, Pikinik I Parken, Bestival, Helldorado Rockfest and Reverence Festival Valada to mention some.
We are almost 10 000 people on Facebook now, awesome! And summer festivals are "almost" here... at least we are planing our festival tour at the moment. If you like to shoot photos or write for us just send us an email.
We did some hundred festivals and thousands of concerts in 2013. Big thanks to all of you who made this possible. You know who you are... photographers, sponsors, reporters, record labels, booking agencies, costumers, concert visitors, festival maniacs etc. See you all in 2014 with even more gigs and music festivals!
Autumn has come to Scandinavia and most festivals are over in Europe but there are plenty of concerts going on. Also summer starts soon in Australia, see you at the festivals Down Under.
The image viewer is now rebuilt to better support mobile phones. Try it and let us know what you think!
We finaly got a touch of the true festival feeling... MUD! Enjoy it, play with it and go crazy with it!
Congratz denmark! You really deserve to win Eurovision Song contest. All the best of luck and see you in Copenhagen next year
We are now planning the upcoming summer, there are so many music festivals! And we love it!
R.I.P Clive Burr, former drummer of Iron Maiden 8/3 1957 - 12/3 2013
Spring is finally upon us in Scandinavia! It´s time to start planing the festival season. Before that we have many great concerts coming up. Don´t miss anything, follow us here and on Facebook.
Come and rock with us at The Afterlife Tour! The Drake Equation, Beyond all Recognition, As Humanity Devastates, A Wish For A Maniac...
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Now you can win tickets to Accept when they are playing at Göta Källare in Stockholm. Competition at our Facebook page.
Win tickets to Gojira!
Summer is over, most festivals are over (in Europe), it´s getting cold and dark :( BUT a new era of concerts has started! Make sure you follow us on our "concert tour".
Follow us on and you can win a DVD and T-shirt from Blackmore´s Night.
Surf into to have the chance to win tickets to West Coast Riot festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Congratulations Colin Bailey, you and a friend get to go and see Tangerine Dream at Shepherds Bush Empire, London on June 24th. We will shortly contact you by email here at Facebook with the details. Have fun at the concert!
Tangerine Dream are playing at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on 24th June. Festivalphoto has got 2 tickets for you! Compete at our Facebook page.
Congrats to the lucky winner of Roskilde Festival tickets! Eric Axelsson I hope you will have the orange time of your life.
Happy birthday to us! Festivalphoto is now 7 years old. Instead of us giving you cyber cake then we will give you a 7% off deal on all orders made during May 2012.
Hi festival maniacs! Summer is soon here... Festivalphoto gives you the chance to win tickets to Roskilde Festival 2012. Have a look at for all details
If you have placed any orders recently please send them again. We lost some orders when we had a laptop stolen
Surf into to have the chance to win 2 tix for Den Svenska Björnstammen, live i Göteborg!
Festivals are rolling in the Australian summer! And at the same time we are planning for the coming summer in Europe and of course shooting heaps of live shows
Happy New Music Year! The year has just started and we have already been to 2 festivals. Lots of more concerts and festivals to come in 2012
Merry X-mas everyone! Check out our Facebook (soon) for a great Christmas deal!
Today it´s National Metal Day - 11.11.11. Congratz all metalheads!
Festival season in Australia has just started! We will of course cover some festivals there and we are also looking for new photographers Down Under
The winners of the VIP tickets for Released Live & Unsigned is now chosen. Have a look at to see the winners
Only a few days until Released Live & Unsigned in Lund. You can win VIP tickets to the show at our Facebook. Also read the interviews we did with the bands
5 tickets to Karamell, a festival in Huskvarna have now found 4 lucky people. Congratulations to Robert Zeiner who got two tickets and Andreas Lantz, Kim Bergkvist and Heike Beer who got themselves one ticket each. See you all at Karamell Have a look at our Facebook group for more competitions. Like us there and you will not miss any of the competitions!
Enter the competition of 5 festival tickets for Karamell, a festival in Huskvarna, Sweden. More info at
Sorry for the downtime that sometime happens, we are working on the problem. Please check back in later if some parts are not working.
Our crew are covering most of your favorite festivals so look for us and give us an crazy pose to ensure that we will get your photo. Or have a look in our gallery to see if you're already there!
Happy (Swedish) Midsummer to all of you.
New week new festivals and a new website... It´s time for West Coast Riot, Metaltown, Stockholm Jazz and more
Time for a bunch of more festivals! Siesta, Rockstad: Falun, Summerburst and Muskelrock is some of the coming ones this weekend. Rock you there!
This coming weekend it´s time for Metalfest Open Air Germany, Loaded The Big One, Dot To Dot x2 and Femme Metal. Rock you there!
Only 1 week to go until the pop festival called Loaded the Big One comes to Stockholm. Make sure you go there!
We just got a copy of the coming album of Saxon, read the review of Call to Arms.
Happy Birtyday Festivalphoto! We are now 6 years old. A present from us to you are 6% off on all orders during whole May 2011. Write "Happy Birthday" when ordering.
We had a couple of days with server problems, but it looks like things are solved now. Please let us know if you find anything not working. Cheers
Happy Rocking Easter everyone!
We have just started to publish some old retro photos. First out was David Bowie. Follow the weekly competitions on Facebook to win photos
At the moment we are putting a lot of time into rebuilding our website. Is there any particular functions you like to see in the new version?
Happy St. Patricks day to you all. Cheers
Sending our thoughts to all people who got in the way of the earthquake/tsunami who started outside Japan this morning.
First day at House of Metal in Umeå has started. Some photos are uploaded and expect heaps of more to come. Stay metal!
some parts of the world have summer now! unfortunately it´s far away from my place.. but enjoy the festival summer all of you in Australia
Lots of love to you all
Gary Moore is dead. Died in his sleep on vacation in Spain. One of the finest guitar players of all time is gone :-( R.I.P. Gary. You still got the blues..
More and more festivals are releasing bands that will be playing this coming summer. Make sure you grab yourself your festival tickets before it´s to late
Soon concerts are back to normal again after the x-mas break. Until then check out all the new photos at
Happy New Year all of you music freaks out there!
Merry X-mas everyone! Festivalphoto wishes you all a rockin Christmas and a Heavy New!
Finaly ONE good band booked for Sweden Rock Festival. Rob Zombie is coming to town! Hopefully we will see Mr. Zombie on many festivals this coming season.
Sabaton is on a war tour. We got an interview with one of the members from Sabaton, Pär Sundström. They did also fire of a great gig at the Sabaton Cruise!
Festivalphoto got an interview with Sergio Vega from Deftones before the show in Stockholm. Read and enjoy the pics
Taste of Chaos woke up the king of Sweden... We hooked up with Disturbed for an interview. Make sure you read it and check out the photos!
Time for "Released Live and Unsigned" this weekend. Which band will be the new Metal new comers 2010?
Happy scary Halloween!
Summer is still far away for us in Scandinavia but something to look forward to... Ozzy Osbourne is coming to Wacken Open Air and Sweden Rock Festival. Hope he still has the energy..
Have a look at the interview we did with drummer/singer Ben Johnston from Biffy Clyro. Cheers
Our reporter Olivia went to KB in Malmö and did an interview with John Calabrese from Danko Jones. Read it now!
R.I.P Steve Lee. 5/8 1963 - 6/10 2010 Leadsinger of Gotthard
Hey there it´s finaly monday! That means heaps of new concerts are coming up this week. Check in the galleries and reviews, i´m sure there will be something you like
Hey there it´s finaly monday! That means heaps of new concerts are coming up this week. Check in the galleries and reviews, i´m sure there will be something you like
40 years since Jimi Hendrix died today, hope you all celebrate with some guitar playing. Also read our interview with Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet
The Swedish festival summer is over :( But on other places around Europe there are still festivals going strong and in Australia the season is starting soon. Enjoy the concerts in Sweden, if not go south!
Festivals festival festivals! Finaly! Join our tour
The big singer in a small mans body did today pass away from his struggle against cancer. R.I.P Ronnie James Dio
Congrats to ourselves! Today Festivalphoto is turning 5 years. Birthday gifts are welcome.... Cake and party in return!
Start the warming up for the coming festivals now! It´s soon time! Join our improved fan page at Facebook; share your photos, tag your friends and talk with others what are just like you!
Happy Easter everyone!
Only 100 days left to Roskilde Festival!! See you there!
It is soon time for Lamb of God, Kent, SXSW and heaps more. Enjoy!
At the moment we are having trouble with our mail server. So please call us if something urgent.
A new week = new concerts! Make sure you check back often
Even if the Olympic Games are on now the concerts and festivals are also so don´t get stuck in front of the TV to long
Updating the site at the moment, so please be aware that some features might not work.
Big congrats to Dalle (one of our photographers) who just became daddy for the 2nd time. Make sure you give Liam and the rest of your family all the best!
The festival season in Australia has started but back home in cold Sweden we just have to warm us up with concerts. Photos from both Australia and back in Europe will pop up daily
Happy B-Day Elvis Presley, 75 years today..
2010 is upon us, that means really many festivals and concerts! See you all where the music is!
2009 is almost over... Hope it was a great year for you all. Big thanks to all our photographers and writers and to YOU that are visiting Festivalphoto. See you all in 2010 with more concerts and crazy festival pictures!
Merry X-Mas everyone! Hopefully Rock-Santa will come to you all with heaps of festival tickets
Our festival calendar is now updated with confirmed dates so far, check under "Links" and start to plan your summer.
Santa Claus is coming to Festivalphoto! Buy 4 photos but pay only for 3 of them. Merry X-mas!
Invite all your friends to our Facebook group. You can upload your own photos here.
Today it is Friday 13th... But so far we haven´t mett Jason. Instead heaps of new concerts, so check them out!
Congrats to the winners Tim Nilsson, Elin Danielsson, Karin Ericsson och Niclas Holm who won the competition at Nordisk Gårdsbands festival. Hope you will enjoy the records and more from Avatar, Festivalphoto T-shirts and the photos to put on your walls.
Another weekend, that means more concerts even if the winter is getting closer. So check back in often.
Nordisk Gårdsbands festival is now over, some photos are up here now but heaps more to come. Hope you all had a great time in our photo studio and the whole festival in general.
Want to win festival tickets? Then join our group at Facebook.
Festivalphoto has just reached over 100 000 One hundred thousand photos online now. And there will be more!
Happy B-day Gene Simmons! 60 years, a long tongue and heaps of women. Many years as a rock star in Kiss. Enjoy your birthday!
Summer is almost at it´s end :( But the festivals are not over yet, so make sure you surf in here often. And please also join us at Facebook there you can upload your own photos:
Congrats to the winners of the festival tickets to Sävsjö festivalen! The lucky ones are: Johanna Strömblad, Sebastian Zweiniger, Mikael Johansson och Rebecca Calgren.
Heaps of new festivals are added every day, last up was Sonisphere with Metallica and Sthlm Jazz. Last chance to compete to win tickets for Sävsjöfestivalen, do it now! Upload your own photos in our Facebook-group . Rokk oN!
RIP Michael Jackson
Hope you all had a nice Midsummer in a traditional "Swedish way". Festival season is blooming up now this coming weeks. First out is Peace and Love, Hove, West Coast Rio, Tuska Open Air and Metaltown. See you there!
There was definitely no sauna at Sweden Rock, coldest srf since my start. Hopefully the rest of the summer will get better. Congrats to Elin Holm who won the OpenAir St.Gallen competition, 2 tickets are coming your way!
Will it be like a warm sauna at Sweden Rock this year? Or should we just go to both Sauna Open Air and Sweden Rock Festival, yes we are. See you there!
It´s time to start the festival summer of 2009! First festivals up this week: Europavox, Siestafestivalen, Wave Gotik Treffen, Yeah!, Rix fm festival, Springbreak. See you there!
You can now find Festivalphoto at Facebook. Join our group and upload your own photos and videos or just meet others alike. You find the group here:
Congrats to Petra Svensson from Tenhult and Teresita Wigren from Växjö! You have won one ticket each to Siesta festival, also as a bonus you are also getting a t-shirt, a keychain and some retro pins from Siesta. Congrats also Martina Eriksson from Malmö, you won a t-shirt and some other nice gadgets. More information is being sent to your e-mail.
We are up n running again after a couple of days trouble. So expect heaps of new photos, reviews, interviews, blogs etc. soon. By the way do you wanna blog live at Festivalphoto on festivals then contact us. And also join the competition to win festival tickets to Siesta festival!
Happy Birthday to us! We are now 4 years old. But also Happy B-day to you! You can now order 3 photos and get one extra for free during the period we are celebrating. Check back in soon again there will soon be competitions with festival tickets to win!
Summer summer it´s just around the corner. Right now we are planing all the festivals, and one things for sure is that there will be heaps of festivals for us to cover. And we still need more photographers (outside sweden) and also if you are interested in writing blogs at Festivalphoto from festivals, then send us an email.
This week we are at 2 festivals, New Generation and Made festival. Meet us there! Heaps of other stuff going on here as usual also offcourse so enjoy.
Hola, it´s almost like the summer is here. Nice and warm and good music! This week it´s time for Bob Hund, Melody Club, Mando Diao, Rockweekend on Tour and much more to be shot by us. Check back in every day for new updates.
Tina Turner is coming to Sweden! We will be there shooting her show. So prepare for some good shots this weekend!
Happy Easter everyone! Don´t eat to much eggs so you become an egghead..
New photos daily! Check back often and make sure you leave your feedback on the photos as comments or in the guestbook or forum.
Vet du inte vad du skall hitta på denna fredag? Då har vi på Festivalphoto tips för dig. Bor du Runt Stockholms området så kan du lyssna å njuta av Hello Saferide på tyrol. I Lund på Olympen uppträder den legendariska artisten Thåström som aldrig lämnar publiken oberörd. Befinner du dig runt Smålands mörka skogar så kan du besöka Huskvarna Folkets Park och kolla in när Danko Jones rockar Jönköping sönder och samman. Befinner du dig långt norrut så är den bedårande Jill Jonsson på besök i Gävle på Konserthuset. Hoppas nu ni får en underbar fredag med mycket bra musik
New photo daily! Check back often and make sure you leave your feedback on the photos as comments or in the guestbook och forum.
Check out the photos from 2nights great shows at Malmö Arena with Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament and also keep on reading the blog from DLK.
Right now Megadeth is playing in Malmö, Sweden. Soon also Judas Priest, Photos in a short while, more to come thou.
Bonafide is about to record their new record in Gothenburg, follow their work in their blog now. And also keep on reading the blog from DLK.
First band out blogging is the swedish punk band DLK. Read their blog and wait for more bands to start blog soon.
New festival in Hultsfred, Sweden called Sonisphere. Metallica is one of the bands comming, check it out!
For all of you that didn´t get ticket to Wacken Open Air then have a look at Wacken Rocks Seaside instead
Don´t miss out on the shows of Edguy, Deathstars, Anna Ternheim and more this weekend. If you can´t go then have a look at the photos atleast.
First festival for 2009 is in Umeå, Sweden this weekend. Come to AMPlified and join us in our "photo corner" there you can get some photos of yourself together with your favourite band. Or meet us at Bandit Rock Awards in Stockholm or at any of the other concerts we will be at.
BIG thanks to Renata for her photos from Metalcamp! We are still searching from photos from Arvikafestivalen aswell, please let us know if you got any.
New year, new concert, new festivals, new ideas. Expect heaps of new fun things on Festivalphoto in 2009.
Happy New Year! Make sure you all rock hard and have some fun 2nite! See you in 2009
Merry X-mas everyone! Enjoy christmas food, presents and family.
Earthquake in southern Sweden! Never thought it was possible, but aparently. It´s like Festiavalphoto...Everythings possible!
It´s getting colder, snow is falling and cristmas is getting closer. But concerts remain the same! Wy not order some photos for x-mas gifts to your friends and family? Special x-mas price, order 5 photos pay for 4!!
Yesterday it was World AIDS day, Festivalphoto was offcourse at the show in Malmö, have a look at the photos and place a thought to the ones who have aids.
Just uploaded some old school shots of Bruce Springsteen from 1981. Make sure to check them out and also all other new stuff.
The cold winter is getting closer. But that doesn´t stop us from shooting concerts. So visit Festivalphoto offen, make comments, write in the forum etc.
Now finaly the search function should work! We have tested it in all "new" browsers and it´s working fine, even with the swedish letters "åäö". Please let us know if you find any problem with it.
Making big changes in the database right now so some galleries might not work right now.
New photos are comming in all the time, latest ones are from Stockholm, Lyon and Malmö. Check back soon for more. Or wy don´t you write in the forum?!
There will be more and better edited photos of the opening of Malmö Arena soon here. Check back later.
On november 6 we will be documenting the opening of Malmö Arena, we can deliver photos right during the venue. Please call Rasmus if you need photos to be delivered fast, +46 739 758714. We will be shooting both celebrities and the concerts and show.
We have just installed a forum on Festivalphoto! So what are you waiting for start talking and sharing all your thoughts. Maybe you wanna find the festival-flirt from this summer, find find her/him in the forum. Put up your own festival and concert photos. Good in writing reviews? Put them in the forum and maybe you got what it takes to become a reporter for Festivalphoto. Everythings possible!
We are rebuilding the site right now, so there might be some problems in some browsers. We are hoping to solve this problem soon.
Some left over photos from the festivals this summer will turn up here soon but also some more up to date concerts, check back in all the time.
The summer is soon over :( But atleast there are Popaganda left. And offcourse MANY concerts that will never end.
The summer is still rocking on. We are many photographers on tour right now, so make sure you visit Festivalphoto often. Next up is Sziget in Budapest and heaps of other stuff.
It´s soon time for heaps of more festivals. Check out the Gigs2come. Latest updates are from New York there Ween played, also heaps of swedish festivals and concert, to mention some we have Sjuhäradsfestivalen, Piteå Dansar och Ler and Kristinehamnskalaset.
Summer is finaly summer in Sweden! It´s hot, warm and filled with music! Some of the latest updates are Helsingborgsfestivalen, Daldansen, Kristinahamnskalaset, Kent, Magnus Uggla, Amanda Jenssen, Rix FM and Palmrock. The last one will be talked about in the media due to one of the artists there named xxx on drugs...
Another weekend is passed and this time it was Trästockfestivalen, Flakasand, Rockweekend, Stockholm Jazz festival, Rip It Up and Östersjöfestivalen. Check out the pix now, heaps of more will come.
Halfway through the summer there are heaps of updates. If you haven´t seen it yet then have a look at Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Arvika, Ruisrock, Roskilde, Sommarrock Svedala, Norway Rock Festival, Öland Roots, Tivolirock and more.. Heaps of new stuff and even more to come!
Moving the site to a new server so some things are not working properly right now. Check back in later
Hultsfred is over, so is Where the action is. Some photos are up from both of them but much more to come. The old boys of Status Que rocked hard in Kilafors. Muchmuchmuch more to come soon!
Another wonderful summer week have past and we have pictures from Sweden Rock Festival in Norje, Rock in Rio in Portugal, Picknick Festival in Göteborg, Yeah in Örebro, Steve Earl on KB in Malmö, Today Forever & Lapko on Mejeriet in Lund. So dive into the galleries and chare your thoughts.
It has been a busy weekend for festivalphoto, we have new pictures from Siesta in Hässleholm, so take a look and chare your own experiences. There are also pictures from In Flames at Grönalund, Rix FM Festival in Jönköping, Rockkarusellen in Linköping and from Springbreak in Kalmar, so take a look around and enjoy the pictures while festivalphoto crew goes to Sweden Rock.
More retro photos! This time KISS in 1980 when they played in Stockholm. Long long time ago...
New York, Germany and London... All places quite far away, but all in one place on Festivalphoto. Im talking about the latest photos. Check out the Jazzy NY, the heavy Rock Hard Festival in Germany and the experimental jazz in London. Enjoy!
A small festival in London took place this weekend, check out the photos from Swedish Outsiders now.
The Facer & The Scrambling played in Umeå, Sweden. Check out the pics now.
Check out the photos of Skatalites, Adam Tensta, Busta Rhymes and Pönk i Parken now.
Big thanks to our new photographer Cornelia from Germany that supplied us with photos of a "bonus festival", last years Tuska Open Air in Finland. Check em out!
Irish punk from US... Check out the photos and read the review of Flogging Molly now. Also make sure you try out our new search engine, find the band or festival you wanna see photos off.
Some reviews are now added to Projekt Festival, but still more to come. And photos from Storan in Göterborg when Universal Poplab performed are also here now. Make sure you try out our new search engine, find the band or festival you wanna see photos off.
Some photos from Projekt Festival are here now. Also photos of Envelopes playing in London.
3 new concerts added, Kanske Älskling, Moto Boy and The Tallest Man On Earth. All from Arenan in Falun.
Heaps of new photos are here now. It´s from Working Class Hero Festival, Örebro Underground, Popadelica, Tindersticks (in Paris) and Tom McRae feat Hotel Cafe (in Oslo). And also some older photos from Uppsala Reggae and Urkult. Enjoy!
Currently we are rebuilding our database, some photos might not work during this update.
Our head photographer got ill for Örebro Undergrund Festival, but we managed to find a replacer. Check out his photos now. Some more photos of Popadelica is also added, but more to come soon.
A few of the photos from Popadelica are here now, much more to come so make sure you check back later
Have a look at the photos of Kamelot in Göteborg now and read the review from Stockholm of the same band.
Added some new photos, this time Tingsek in Oslo and Tokyo Police Club in Toronto, Canada.
2 new reviews is here now for reading, It´s from Kamelot in Stockholm yesterday and from I´ll Nino in Malmö a while ago.
Vapnet performed in Stockholm, photos are here now. Next up this week/weekend is Kamelot, Firewind, Forever Slave in Göteborg and Stockholm, Tokyo Police Club in Toronto and 3 festivals; Working Class Hero Festival, Örebro Underground Festival and Popadelica.
The summer is getting closer and the temp are getting up, so heaps of new photos from concerts and festivals are getting closer. Today it was time for Hardcore Superstar, enjoy!
Vincent went on stage in Norrköping, have a look at the photos now!
Willie Nelson live in Malmö just a few days before he´s turning 75 years old. Enjoy the photos!
Some photos of Alice in Videoland at Sticky Fingers are here now
Photos of Angie Stone are here now. Also don´t forget about the photos of Oasis in 1994.
Another Retro band added, this time Oasis at Cueclub in Göteborg in 1994. Also photos from the not so retro boys, EMD, are here now.
Hostile Cell and Dia Psalma both from Sticky Fingers are now in the gallery. Also a written review can soon be read about Hostile Cell. Also have a look at the photos of Don´t Be A Stranger.
Festivalphoto goes retro! First out is a concert with Pink Floyd from Ullevi in Göteborg in 1994. Heaps of more to come. Also added some photos with Ainbusk sjunger Piaf. Check em out!
Added photos of Takida and some more from Doktor Kosmos. ALso check out the photos from Lowlands
Just got some extra photos from last years festival Lowlands in Holland, so here are some bonus pics, enjoy!
Doktor Kosmos went to Göteborg to play at Sticky Fingers 2nite. Festivalphoto was offcourse there. Check out the pics now!
Photos of Ane Brun & Band are here now. Summer is getting closer, we all know what that means, FESTIVALS! But before that there will be heaps of more photos of concerts, check back soon again for more photos and reviews.
Marit Bergman and All Ends played both in Göteborg, Sweden. Not at the same place thou... Read the review from All Ends and check out the photos of both the gigs.
Added a review of Danko Jones at KB in Malmö. Also photos from Devastations at Debaser are here now.
New photos added, this time it was Timo Räisänen and Blonde Redhead. More to come soon.
Photos and reviews from then I´ll Nino played at Brewhouse in Göteborg are here now. Enjoy
Håkan Hellström played in his hometown, Lennart from Festivalphoto was there so check out his photos now.
A bunch of new bands are now added. Early To bed, Corpsylvania, Kamera, Space Age Baby Jane, The Saigon Sickness, Die Mannequin and Danko Jones. And offcourse more to come!
Photos from Neverstore at KB in Malmö, are here now. Also have a look at the review of Kate Nash and Mystery Jets.
Updated the site with some photos from London of the band IamX. Also added some more photos from Rookie-festival.
Heaps of new bands added after some servertrouble. The bands are: Timo Räisänen, Raised Fist, Moto Boy, Marit Bergman, Johnossi, Adept, Inzane, Electricute, Blindustry, Autumn Falls, Danger and maybe some more...and heaps more to come.
More bands are added now, it´s Oh Laura (3 times), Kent, Anna Stadling & Idde Schultz, De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Smutstvätt, Chris Wigren and Torpedo. Check em out!
Check out the smoking hot and f*cking hard pictures from Inferno Metal Festival in Norway along with concert pictures from Kent @ Tipshallen, Växjö, - Timo Räisänen @ Metropol, Hultsfred, - Dreamboy and Torpedo @ KB, Malmö, - Chris Wigren and Oh Laura @ Metropol, Hultsfred.
Happy Easter everybody! The easterbunny came to Festivalphoto to day with a present. We will offcourse share it with you. It was heaps of photos from Primavera Sound 2007 in Barcelona, a big festival with many bands. Thanks Mr Bunny aka Ricardo. Photos from Inferno Metal Festival will also pop in here soon! Rokk oN!
Added 2 hard bands, Dead by April and Entombed. Enjoy
5 girls in the band Skilla had a release gig for their album at Debaser in Malmö. Check out the photos now!
Hans "Ludde" Ludvigsson and Sonic Syndicate are here now. Also a review of Alicia Key at Falconersalen in Copenhagen. Check back soon again for more!
Miss Li did a great show at Debaser in Malmö. Enjoy the photos.
Our writer Ola Elleström went to Debaser in Malmö and watched A Mountain of One. Read his review now.
Familjen played in Gävle, the pics are here now.
Those Dancing Days played in Gothenburg, check out the pics now. Tonight it´s time for Miss Li, check back later for those.
Photos from 4 more bands are now in the gallery. This time Daniel Lemma & band, Moto Boy, Smashing Pumpkins and Kent.
Added 3 more concerts, this time it was Obey Syndrome, Miss Jones and once more Mando Diao.
Adam Tensta played before Mando Diao in Göteborg, the photos are here now.
The band Decent did a "decent" gig at Brunnen in Jönköping. Check out the pics now!
Mando Diao again, this time they where in Lund.
Alicia Keys did a show in Stockholm. Matilda was there to document it, check out the pics now.
Lykke Li played at KB in Malmö and offcourse are there photos from the gig.
Finaly the photos from one of the best live shows I´ve ever been to are here. Im talking about Dillinger Escape Plan. It was a crazy show, a bit hard to shoot photos there but still f*cking good! Also check out the review of Band of Horses at Debaser Medis.
The photos of Mando Diao at Lisebergshallen in Göteborg are here now. Big thanks to our new photographer Lennart Axelsson!
Band of Horses played at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, check out the photos now!
Swedish Dear Euphoria played in Paris, France. Our photographer in Paris did a good job shooting them, check out the photos. Also there will be a 3day special on Mando Diao on Festivalphoto. We will start on the gig in Stockholm (2day) then move on to Göteborg and finaly all the way down to Lund. So expect some cool photos from all the gigs.
There will be a 3day special on Mando Diao on Festivalphoto. We will start on the gig in Stockholm then move on to Göteborg and finaly all the way down to Lund. So expect some cool photos from all the gigs.
Mixed artist played at Debaser in Malmö as a tribute to Blondie. Enjoy the pics!
Lykke Li played in Norrköping, enjoy the photos.
Wildbirds & Peacedrums played in Norrköping, have a look at the photos now. Lykke Li will be here later 2day.
Faela made some fine dancing vibes in Malmö, check out the photos now.
Festivalphoto goes to Paris! Our new photographer Mikael Mellberg has started to work for Festivalphoto in Paris, France. So expect some bands playing on baguettes and drinking wine :) First out is a hiphop invasion from Scandinavia, check out the photos now.
Added some more photos of the concert with Iron & Wine in Lund. You will find them under "Concerts" or use this link:
Bonafide rocked out in Malmö. The same goed for Client, Franky Lee and Beatsteaks. Check out the photos now!
The german popband Beatsteaks played at KB in Malmö, have a look at the pics now.
Updated the site with some photos from this weekend: Client, Franky Lee and Britta Persson. More photos will be here soon from the weekend.
The Cure played at Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Check out the pics now and also have a look at the first festival this year, House of Metal in Umeå.
Heaps of metaldudes went to Umeå for 2 days of hardrockin. Festivalphoto was offcourse there. A few photos are uploaded now, but heaps of more will come. Make sure you check back soon again!
Magtens Korridorer played Sønderborg Hus in Denmark, check out the photos now. The Cure and House of Metal will be here soon.
HIM played in Stockholm, have a look at the photos now
Some more photos for all you punkass out there.. Toxic Holocaust! Enjoy
Moshpiting and the Wall of death was some of the stuff that happened when Municipal Waste played in Malmö. Rokk out the photos now!
Korn played at Hovet in Stockholm, have a look at the photos now.
Rage Against the Machine are comming to sweden! They will be playing at Hultsfred. Hopefully at other festivals around here aswell. Other bands that are confirmed for Hultsfred are: HIM [FI], Babyshambles [ UK ], The Hives [S], Säkert! [S], Danko Jones [CA], Timo Räisänen [S], Raised Fist [S], Hästpojken [S], Evergrey [S], The Only Ones [UK], Sugarplum Fairy [S], Those Dancing Days [S], Jaymay [US], All Ends [S], Vanessa Brown [UK], Billie The Vision & The Dancers [S], Die Mannequin [CA], Nina Natri [S], Witchcraft [S], A Beautiful Friend [S], Kid Down [S].
The photos from the gig in Jönköping with Kent are here now. Also have a look at the band that played before them, Familjen. Some other new ones are Avatar, Megadeth, Tysta Mari and The Tossers. Next up 2morrow is Municipal Waste, punk u there!
Avatar played before Megadeth in Stockholm, the photos can be found here now.
Familjen played before Kent in Jönköping, check out the photos now.
Some more punk, have a look at Tysta Mari
If you like Irish punk then have a look at the new photos from The Tossers, they are from the States but still Irish punk...
Added some photos from the band The Itch, check out the pics.
Just added Stripped, that played at KB in Malmö. Megadeth was also added earlier 2day.
Rock out the heavy photos from Megadeth in Stockholm! Korn, Avatar, Stripped and some more good bands will be here soon. And 2night The Tossers plays in Malmö, rock you there!
Godass played at KB in Malmö, the photos are here now. The photos from the two other bands will be here soon.
A few photos from Iron & Wine from Mejeriet in Lund are here now. More will be here soon. If you haven´t read the review from that show, do it know. 2night it´s time for Megadeth and Avatar in Stockholm, rokk you there!
"Old man" Björn Skifs was rocking hard in Jönköping, enjoy the photos.
For all the kids out there, the photos you been waiting for...Doris & Knäckebröderna live at Folkets Park in Huskvarna!
Sanctuary in Blasphemy played at Fritz Corner in Stockholm, Sweden, check out the photos. More to come soon.
Finaly the photos from Asta Kask at KB in Malmö are her now. A written review of Iron & Wine at Mejeriet in Lund are now in the review section. The photos from this concert will be here soon.
Origin Blood had a gig at Bodoni in Malmö. Check out the photos now!
Bullet did an amazing show at Bodoni in Malmö, both photos and a review is here now. Big thanks to Emelie Säll for the review.
Added 2 more gigs, this time it was The Accidents & Vapenlicens. More to come soon
Kongh played at Fritz Corner, enjoy the photos!
Just added some photos from Corpsylvanias gig in Stockholm and The Lost Patrol Band in Malmö. Rock them out!
Rock out the photos from The Southern Hostiles at their gig at Bodoni in Malmö. 2night is time for Bullet and Origin Blood at the same place, rokk u there!
Unfortunately some comments that have been made on photos are lost :( due to a crash. We hope everything else is back to normal again.
Now there are 2 versions of Festivalphoto, the english one as before but also a swedish one. Goto to see it.
Jive that are from Malmö played on their homegrounds, have a look at the photos now.
The photos from Deville at their gig at KB, are here now. Rokk em out!
Memfis played 2gether with Starrats at Debaser in Malmö. All the photos are up now. Next up is Moto Boy at Jeriko in Malmö, see you there.
Starrats played at Debaser in Malmö, the photos are here now. Photos from the headliner Memfis will be here soon.
Festivalphoto in Chile! Mando Diao played in Santiago in Chile. Check out the photos
Added 3 new concerts by Martin Nilsson, it was Lillasyster, Solity and Bulldoggs, they all played in Svedala.
Moved to a new server 2day, so sorry for the downtime. But now it should be working and also loading much faster.
Maybe not a concert but still a show with some good artists, im talking about Wintermezzo in Malmö. Check out the photos and read the review. Also have a look at a short review about Alice Cooper.
The Duskfall played in Gävle, Sweden, here are some photos. Hope you all had a great new years eve! And im sure 2008 will be even better
Some mixed swedish artists did a show as a tribute to Dusty Springfield at Debaser in Malmö. Check out the photos and Happy New Year once more!
It´s time to open the champagne and get your finest clothes on, 2007 is soon over! Big thanks to you all for supporting Festivalphoto in all kinds of ways! Photographers, writers, visitors, newspapers, record labels, promotion companies, festivals, bands etc. You all made it possible for us to document 347 concerts and 27 festivals during 2007, but were sure that in 2008 it will be even more! Make sure you celebrate hard n heavy, Happy New Year!
Dolly brought their dolls to KB in Malmö and rocked the stage, check out the photos from Dolly Daggers now.
Festivalphoto got a new photographer! This time in Norway. His first photos is from Nightwish in Oslo. Some great photos, rock them out!
Photos of Lamont at Debaser are here now. Next up is Dolly Daggers at KB and also some bands at Debaser, both in Malmö and both tomorrow.
Ho ho ho! Hope you all got to meet Mr Santa. He came to my place (looking quite much like me...I wonder wy..). Anyway I just uploaded some more photos from Roskilde 2007. Tonight it´s time for the band Lamont from Malmö at Debaser, see you there!
Added some more photos to Siesta 2007. Is the photos of Anna Arvidsson. Enjoy them until it´s time for Siesta 2008. You will find them under "Festival/Siesta 2007". Merry X-mas!
Finaly a bit late...the photos from Motörhead in Göteborg are here now. Have a look at Lemmy at his new healthy style eating vegies... = french fries. Once more Merry X-mas!!
Yesterday it was beatboxin-time at Debaser in Malmö, Check out the photos of Sly Johnson aka The Mic Buddah. Merry X-mas!!
Photos from Roky Erickson in the gallery now. Once more Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year to you all! from us to you. Hope you all will have a good time with Santa... God Jul o Göttit Nytt!
Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year to you all! from us to you. Hope you all will have a good time with Santa... God Jul o Göttit Nytt!
Timbuktu & Damn! and Promoe performed at Mejeriet in Lund, Festivalphoto was offcourse there.
Edge of a Circle played in Lund. Some more "smaller" bands will soon play at Debaser in Malmö, first up tomorrow. We will offcourse be there!
Just uploaded some photos from Arch Enemy in Stockholm. Check them out
The Poodles played at KB in Malmö, check out the photos now of the "heavy"poprockmetal-band... Rokk u later!
Congratulation to Daniel, one of Festivalphotos photographers, he got a son on dec. 16. Named Sidney, could it be after Sidney Vicious...(?)
Added some photos from Machine Head in Stockholm. Rock them out!
Helloween, Gamma Ray and Axxis all played in Lund on dec 7. The last galleri, Helloween is here now. The two other ones have been here for some time allready. Stay metal!
Gamma Ray played at Mejeriet in Lund, check out the photos now!
Pop and Metal! You can guess for yourself what is what... Timo Räisänen & Axxis are here now.
Some more photos from the Black Crusade in Stockholm. This time it is Dragonforce, enjoy! Hope you all had a fun "Lucia"
Festivalphotos new photographer Robert Norgren went to The Black Crusade at Arenan in Stockholm. The four bands playing there where offcourse documentet by Robert. First out is Trivium, check back in soon for the other bands.
The girls and boys in All Ends played at KB in Malmö, check out the photos now!
On my way home from The Poodles and All Ends I ran into Switchblade at Debaser in Malmö. Here are the photos now. The Poodles and All Ends will be here soon aswell
"Kungen i baren" Magnus Uggla did a show in Jönköping, check out the photos!
Photos from Timo Räisänen in Jönköping are here now.
Added a few photos of The Hives at Annexet
Just added Marduk, Kama Roots and Salouh enjoy, more will be here sooon
DAS BOOT, DAS BOOT, DAS BOOT, DAS BOOT, DAS BOOT, DAS BOOT!!! Finaly. Enjoy the photos all you partycruisers!
Sorry for the delay with the photos from Das Boot and some other concerts. Most of it will be here 2night (dec 11), so check back in later.
Black Mountain played at Debaser in Malmö, here are the photos. You wanna meet up with us? Then say hallo to us at Das Boot 2nite and 2morro. rokk on!
Photos from Uriah Heep are also here now. Next up is The Hives (tonight) and then Das Boot on thursday and friday. And then Axxis and Helloween. Rokk u later!
Alice Cooper did a great show in Lund on november 28. Enjoy the photos!
Photos from Gotthard and Sahara Hotnights are now here. Alice Cooper and Uriah Heep will be here very soon. The same goes for Black Mountain and The Hives. Check back in soon again.
Photos from Moneybrother in Sundsvall can now be found here
Photos from Magnus Uggla at The Tivoli in Helsingborg are here now, enjoy. Next up is Alice Cooper
The Kristet Utseende live in Sundsvall! Check out the crazy pix now!
Added some more Chrashdiet photos from The Tivoli in Helsingborg. Enjoy
The photos from Soilwork at Eastpak Antidote Tour are here now, big thanks Sofia!
Photos from Svenska Akademien in Sundsvall can now be found here.
Some photos of Crazy Lixx from The Tivoli in Helsingborg are here now.
Reagee humping with Kapten Röd! check out the photos now
Photos from Hand of the Wolf at Mejeriet are here now.
Photos from Familjen at The Tivoli in hbg are here now. Photos by our new photographer Karolina Andersson
Rasmus photos from Crashdiet at The Tivoli in Helsingborg are here now. They sure did a good show. Rokk you later!
Even some more Faithful Darkness photos has now been uploaded. Thank you Sofia!
Olivia Flasch, our new writer went to Dia Psalma and Torpedo at Mejeriet in Lund. Some of here photos are now here and also a written review. Enjoy! Comming up soon: Crash Diet, Crazy Lixx and O´Death.
Our new writer Oliva Flasch went to Mejeriet in Lund and watched Dia Psalma, check out her review. Also some more photos from Växjö metal festival can now be found here.
Most of the photos from Växjö Metal Festival this weekend is here now, rock them out!
Rasmus and Sofias photos from Dimmu Borgir in Lund is here now
Sofia and Rasmus went to Engel and Amon Amarth at Mejeriet in Lund, the photos are now here. Dimmu Borgir will be here soon. Växjö Metal Festival comming up on saturday, rock you there!
The photos from Rookie is finaly here. Enjoy them. Photos from Engel, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Timo R and Eastpack Antidote Tour will be here very soon. And on saturday it´s time for Växjö Metal Festival, rokk u there!
Hanna went to the Univerisity of Stockholm to watch VnV Nation. Check out the photos now.
Back home after a weekend in Hultsfred at Rookie-festival. It was a big sucess. The photos should arrive here soon.
Photos from the concert yesterday of the 3 hardrokkin (Iced Earth, Turisas and Annihilator) band are now here. Check them out!
Just added the last part of Ced´s festivalreview. Enjoy! Next concert comming up will be Iced Earth on Sunday, and maybe some more if were lucky.
Part 4 of Ced´s festivalsummer can now be found under reviews. Read it, just read it!
Chapter 3 of Ced´s festivalreview are now here, read and enjoy.
Photos from the concert this saturday of Timo Räisänen @ Stadshuset in Sundsvall are now here. Have a look under "Concerts". Also part 2 of Ced´s written festivalstory of the festivalexperiences he had during 2007 can now be found under "reviews". Part 3-5 will be here in the next days.
Just uploaded some more Faithful Darkness photos. Cedric have been writing a festivalsummer review, the first part can now be found under "Reviews". 4 more parts to come in the next days.
Crashdiet, Mustasch, Kapten Röd & Majorerna and Svenska Akademien all played at Folkets Park in Huskvarna this weekend, our new photographer Bhagwant was there. You find them all under Concerts.
Our new photographer Axel went to The Tivoli in Helsingborg, his photos from Heat and Mustasch are here now.
Oh Laura and Edda Magnason played at KB yesterday. A lot of "poppare" but acually very good music. Check out the photos now.
Photos from Entombed @ The Tivoli and Weeping Willows @ Stadshuset in Sundsvall are now here. Check them out! 2nite I will shoot photos of Oh Laura so check back later for those.
Some more of Sofias Faithfull Darkness photos are now here. More upcomming shows to come, some that are close are: Entombed, Weeping Willows, Faithfull Darkness, Crashdïet, Mustasch, Svenska Akademien, Timo Räisänen, Avatar, Slagsmålsklubben and Växjö Metal Festival. Rokk oN!
4 hardcore bands where playing at KB i Malmö this Sunday. You can now find the photos under Concerts. Enjoy!
Some of Sofias photos from Faithful Darkness can now be found. Next concert comming up is As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour and 2 more bands at Kulturbolaget 2morro. See you all there.
Frej went to Augustibuller this summer, you can now find his story under "Reviews". Thanks a lot Frej. Anybody else that have a festivalstory or review then e-mail it to us and we will publish it here.
Thomas photos from Armageddon Open Air or should I say Armageddon Blond Air are now here. Check them out and sure you comment the blonds... Rokk u later!
Working on some design changes right now. You can now see the latest comments on the main-page. Make some comments yourself! Still some stuff to do, but it´s improving all the time. Heaps of concerts are now planned for the upcomming months, so check back in later for some more photos.
Our new photographer Hanna Hultman went to Soundtrack Of Our Lives in Stockholm, have a look at her photos under "Concerts". I also added another band from Göteborgskalaset, which I don´t know the name of, maybe you do?
R.I.P Pavarotti. One of our greatest musicians has passed away. Sad but hopefully he has it good wherever he is now.
Christophe went to Rassle Punk Rock Festival in Emmaboda, you can now see his photos in the Festival-gallery. Saddly the summer is almost over, but there are still heaps of concerts to visit. See you in the mosh-pit!
Sofias photos from Helsingborgsfestivalen is now online, have a look and leave some comments.
Congrats to the two lucky winners of the t-shirts, banderolls and other gadgets from Metalcamp! Anders Lindgren and Emilia Grundström you will recieve your gifts with mail in a few days.
Photos from Faithful Darkness from their show in Höganäs two days ago can now be found under concerts. Also have a look at the hundreds of photos from Malmö Festival. Please write some comments to the photos, it´s allways fun with some feedback. Hope you all had a great summer with lots of music and parties, even if it was raining most of the time.
Just uploaded heaps of photos from Malmöfestivalen. Check em out!
Almost all the photos from Göteboborgskalaset can now be found under Festivals, there are a few photos remaining that will be here soon. Also photos from Anima Sola at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg and The Ark and Melody Club from their gig in Huskvarna can be found in the concert section. Photos from Malmöfestivalen will be here soon. Rokk you later!
"Linda Bengtzing tafsar på 12åringar..." citat av Linda Bengtzing. For you that did see her concert you know that im talking about... Photos from Kulturkalaset in Göteborg will be here soon.
Just woke up from a long sleep after the even longer bustrip from Mera Luna. First thing I do is to upload the photos from the festival, so make sure you all have a look at them now! Make sure you write heaps of comments to the photos. Rokk on everybody who was there and hope to see you next year!
More photos from Wacken are now here and also photos from Augustibuller. Check them out!
Wacken Open Air is now over and so are Emmaboda. Heaps of photos from them both are now here. There will be even more photos from Wacken soon, so check back in later. And remember to comment the photos. Next up is Mera Luna, see you there.
Wacken is wicked, expect to see many photos of germans very soon. I hope Augustibuller is as good as it is here. Rokk u later!
The photos from Storsjöyran is here now. There is still some problems with the map over the festivals, but it should be working good enough for finding the photos. Next up is Wacken Open Air and Augustibuller, see you there.
Rockhimlen, Tivolirock and Möllevångsfestivalen are now updated. Big thanks to our guestphotographers Sofia Hellberg, Max Hansson and Anna Arvidsson. Öland Roots will be here and working soon. Right now we are working on some serverproblems, but the site will hopefully be running 100% very soon again.
Right now we are working on some problems with our server. So please be aware there might be some errors on the site.
Today and 2morro it´s Möllevångsfestivalen in Malmö, get your asses out there and drink some beers and watch some good bands.
2 morro the "Yranveckan" is starting in Östersund. Expect lots of pubs and bars and some great music. See you all there.
Congratulation Emil Svensson, you and one of your friends are the winners of 2 VIP-passes for Earthshaker festival. Make sure you rock hard there!
Most of the photos from Arvikafestivalen is now in the gallery. A few more will come as soon as possible.
Tullakrok is unfortunately cancelled due to the hard demands from the police and other authorities. We can just hope there will be a Tullakrok 2008, good luck to you all.
One of our guestphotographers Christophe Stacke was sent to Metaltown. You can now find his photos under Festivals. Im currently working on the photos from Arvika, expect to see them all here soon. Rokk you later
All photos from Rokilde are here now. Also a few ones from Arvika, check them out
Even more photos from Mudskilde are here now. Lerskål!
Iron Maiden at Wacken Open Air. Check out all the bands at
Stefan Sundström goes to Storsjöyran, with him is Fjodor from Ebba Grön.
Photos from Roskilde, Pier Pressure and Peace & Love can now be found in the festival section. More updates from Roskilde will be here every day during the festivalö. Skål
Manu Chao at Way Out West, prepare yourself for some action! 9 new bands are confirmed for Augustibuller: Municipal Waste (US), The Pricks, Imperial Leather, Them Jacks, Damien, Maramon, Rawhypnols, Burst and Sonic Syndicate.
Right now Rasmus is at Peace & Love, the photos from the first day are here now. Also 5minutes ago Hanoi Rocks had a pressconferance here, check out the photos! Now it´s beertime, cheers!
Many photos from Graspop can now be found in the Festival section. Check them out and please leave your comments.
BIG updates on is comming in the next days, so expect some small problems on the site while we are testruning it. Please try the new function to fill in comments for all the photos, leave us and everybody else your opinion about the pics. Many updates to expect, the comment part was just one of the updates. And last but not least the photos from Graspop will be here very soon. Next up is Peace & Love, see you there.
Finaly the band schedule is ready for Roskilde Festival, have a look at and plan your Roskilde festival. I´m at Graspop at the moment, Aerosmith was great last night and the same goes with Within Tempatation, Therion, Type o Negative. Photos will be here soon.
Get beer for your trash! Which festival camp can collect most garbage? This is the challenge in Roskilde Festival’s garbage collection competition. The most hard-working collectors can win prizes such as backstage access to the Orange Stage and tickets to Roskilde Festival ’08. Moreover, all competing camps get a cold Tuborg beer in return for each filled garbage bag they hand in.
Have a look at Rasmus photos from Hultsfred. And after that make sure you return for Thomas photos later. Hope you all had a great time at Hultsfred. Also have a look at Cedriks festivalreview from Sweden Rock, you will find it in the Review- and festival section. Rokk you all later!
Hultsfred is over, it was hot and cold... Photos will be here very soon, so check back later today. Next up is Graspop, see you all there.
The photos from Sweden Rock Festival can now be found in the festivalsection. Rasmus was unfortunately ill and didn´t made it to the festival so therefor there are just a few photos from concerts. But enjoy the photos from the camplife.
The camping at Hultsfred is open and more and more people are getting there. A new band is confirmed, it is the Lemonheads. See you all there!
The last act confirmed for Emmaboda is CK, he himself describes his music as (in swedish)"Syratrippad drum n basstango spelat av ett sovande dansband", and in some kind of english... Drum n bass tango on acid played by a sleeping "dansband".
Unfortunately we have to claim 2 cancelations we regret a lot: One Fine Day have informed us that won’t be able to play With Full Force 2007 due to an engagement in Japan. They asked for your understanding and will reschedule this gig.***The Ska-giants Bad Manners won’t attend as well. Up till now without naming a real reason – we’ll stay tuned and keep you up to date.***New on the Full Force line up, we welcome FINAL PRAYER from Berlin. The angry mixture of fresh hardcore, metal and punk made a splash and can’t be hidden from you any longer.***Prominent hardcore-support is what you get from BACKFIRE from Holland. The heaviest of all tulip growers belong to European’s elite and are really hot on blowing up the Hardbowl tent!***You asked for them quite a lot, so we engaged the CRUSHING CASPARS from Rostock again, who present a really impressive and unique version of metalcore.***The newly changed running order will be online on Monday, like usually on
There will be a Pride parade on Storsjöyran this year. Expect lot of music, many happy peoples and all the colours of the rainbow. The dragshowgroup Diamond Dogs will also make sure you all have fun there.
Get in for free at Leeds or Reading festival: Right know they are looking for more volunteers. Have a look at for more information. Don´t work to hard, remember to enjoy the festival anyway.
Congratulation Sweden on the Swedish National day. I guess some of you are at Sweden Rock right now and having a blast. But for me, who have fever, have to stay in bed :( But there will soon be other festivals, one of them are Roskilde. A very special kind of concert will be arranged there this year. There will be a underwater liveconcert in the Roskilde lake. So get your swimwear on and swim to the tunes!
Finaly the photos from Popadelica and Siesta are now up here. For some people it´s time for Sweden Rock Festival 2morro. Make sure you rock hard there!
Do you have a band? Or do you wanna listen to some good upcomming music? Then have a look at
Have a look at the timetable for Graspop Metal Meeting:
Roskildefestival is sold out, hope you all got tickets. And for all swedish fans out there the blue and yellow bands that are confirmed this year are the following: THE ARK, CULT OF LUNA, DETEKTIVBYRÅN, FOREST AND CRISPIAN, KATATONIA, IN FLAMES, LAZEE, JENS LEKMAN, LONEY, DEAR, MANDO DIAO, MAPEI, PETER BJORN AND JOHN, QUIT YOUR DAYJOB, THE SOUNDS, TAXI TAXI! and TIMBUKTU & DAMN!
Dance away in Arvika. Arvika just released the first danceacts for this years festival: Boeoes Kaelstigen, Dibaba, Dada Life & DJ Anneli and DJ La Fleur from Sister STHLM. Get up and dance!
Many new acts for Augustibuller, here they are: The Dwarves (US), Eskalator, Set Your Goals (US), No trigger (US), Sista Sekunden, Charta 77, Total Egon, Brutal Polka(ISR), USCB Allstars, New York Ska and Jazz ensemble, Tic Tox, Samiam (US), Wolfbrigade, Nine, Radio Brigade, The last days of April, The submissions and The Colombos.
You can now buy 1day tickets for saturday on Emmaboda-festival. They are 400kr, and there are only 300 of them so hurry up and buy.
Hultsfred just presented the last 44 bands. Have a look at all the bands here:
Another band has been confirmed for With Full Force and they will raise the dust in the HARDBOWL - the hardcore-pearl BURY YOUR DEAD from Boston/Massachusettes. The band is now existing for 6 years and can lean back on a huge and worldwide fanbase.
Sadly "Bullet for My Vallentine" cancells Wacken Open Air, but "Type o Negative" will be there instead. Rock you there!
Roskilde Festival adds an exciting handful of new acts to the already comprehensive programme. This late bouquet ranges from hard-hitting French death metal to Swedish indie pop. The bands are: LAURENT GARNIER, GOJIRA, JØDEN, JENS LEKMAN, NILS M/SKILS, SLARAFFENLAND , SOULSAVERS feat. MARK LANEGAN, SPIRITUALIZED – ACOUSTIC MAINLINES, STRUNG OUT.
Now it's only 1 month left to Hultsfred. So pack your bags, buy your ticket and get the booze! But don't forget about the festivals that are comming up before Hultsfred, there is Rock am Ring and Sweden Rock Festival and offcourse other smaller ones. Rock you soon!
Do you wanna design the official posters for Hultsfred 2008? If you do then have a look at
DEAD SOUL TRIBE for Metalcamp! Another dark pearl in the program of your headbanger’s holidays, will be DEAD SOUL TRIBE, who will present their newest Album “A Lullaby For The Devil” at the Slovenian festival for the very first time. In addition to that, the band prepares an exclusive “Best of DEAD SOUL TRIBE Show”, which will be included within their performance at METALCAMP 07. A real treat for people who still love Devon ’s former band Psychotic Waltz!
13 new bands for Storsjoyran, two of them are Thomas di Leva and Hammerfall. Have a look at for more information.
Emmabodafestivalen going on preparty tour. First stop Växjö, may 10: Kristian Anttila och Almedal. May 11, Lund: Kristian Anttila, Almedal, Look Look (Dancing Boys)(U.K). And may 12, Emmaboda: Kristian Anttila, Almedal, Look Look (Dancing Boys) (U.K) and secret guest!
Satyricon and Pain are now confirmed for Metalcamp 07. Rokk you in Slovenia!
We have now chosen a winner in the Siesta festival ticket contest and the winner is Sofia Hellberg, congratulations!
The program for Rock am Ring is now ready, have a look at for all the bands and details.
Kulturbolaget in Malmo just turned 25years, happy birthday!
Cradle of Filth is now one of the headlines to Metalcamp. Other headlines are MOTÖRHEAD, BLIND GUARDIAN, IMMORTAL and SEPULTURA. Rock you there!
Big update to day! I have finally uploaded the pictures from In Flames when they played with Avatar in Karlskrona @ Stoltz. I have also uploaded pictures from when Rookieturnén was at my local pub Sivans here in Växjö. A lot of mingle pictures here but also a lot of pictures of Vienna Heat and The Scams. We have also launched two competitions there you can win a T-shirt and a ticket to the festival called Siesta.
Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you know that is upgrading in many ways right now so please be patient if the site doesnt work totaly. Just check back in later. Rokk on!
Check out the latest news about the With Full Force festival. The line-up contains of bands like Korn, Slayer, Hatebreed, Sick of it all, Dropkick Murphys, Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth.
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