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  Do the same as several other bands and blog at Festivalphoto! You will find lots of fan who want to know what it is like to be a rockstar. You and your band can blog with text, images and video. Or maybe you are attending festivals and want to share your own experience? Please contact us for more information!

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2022-09-11 The Cure (Blog/Swe) by: Catarina Olausson
The Cure is coming to Stockholm on the 10th of October with their goth rock. The band started in 1978 and has had different members through out the years. The guitarist, lead vocalist, and son...
2018-03-12 Unlike Anything Else: Envision Festival! (Blog/Eng) by: Allison Fedor
After having been two times before, I came into Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, feeling mostly relaxed, but also a blend of other things… Excited to be returning to what stands ...
2017-08-20 Lörda, Sabaton Open Air (Blog/Swe) by: Bodil Persson
Hällregnets afton.. eller morgon kanske är mer rätt ord!
Det stråla på bra till lunchtid ungefär, sen vart det strålande solsken, tyvärr blåst...
2017-08-19 Fredag Sabaton open air (Blog/Swe) by: Bodil Persson

Vaknade av smatter mot tältduken... Jahapp regn... men tältet var safe så allt var torrt och fint! Spenderade förmiddagen med Norrköpingskufarna tittandes på ...
2017-08-17 Sabaton Open Air blogg (Blog/Eng) by: Bodil Persson
  2017-07-10 More Enchanted Than Wonderland Itself (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2017-06-27 Sabaton Open Air needs 4 metal heads (Eng) by: Competition Master

  2017-06-06 Win 4 tickets to Sabaton Open Air (Eng) by: Competition Master

  2017-03-24 The Eye in The Sky (Eng) by: Adam Hayes

  2017-03-06 The Best Jungle Party Ever? Envision! (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2017-02-16 Envision Festival Less Than a Week Away!!!! (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2017-02-12 ENVISION-ing a Fantastic Future (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2016-10-06 Symbiosis Gathering 2016: Family Tree (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2016-06-23 Omnium Gatherum - Tampere Metal Meeting (Swe) by: Sofie Nilsson

  2016-06-23 Insomnium - Tampere Metal Meeting (Swe) by: Sofie Nilsson

  2016-06-23 Finntroll - Tampere Metal Meeting (Swe) by: Sofie Nilsson

  2016-06-20 Catching Lightning in a Bottle in California (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2016-06-18 Bajamajarapporten givetvis... (Swe) by: Emily Lövstrand

  2016-06-18 Tampere Metal Meeting Dag 1! (Swe) by: Emily Lövstrand

  2016-03-08 An Amazing Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica (Eng) by: Allison Fedor

  2015-02-14 Foreløpig lineup - Spydeberg Rock Festival 22-24 mai 2015 (Swe) by: Thomas Telstø Hysvær

  2014-06-08 SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2014 SUMMERING (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2013-11-03 28th of October. Glasgow. The Garage packed with glam rockers, old hard rock fans and others willing to see three bands: Dead City Ruins, Ugly Kid Joe (Swe) by: Jurga Kalinauskaite

  2013-06-09 Sweden Rock Festival 2013 sammanfattning (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2013-01-26 Best of 2012, what I hope you will remember from a productive year in music (Swe) by: Mikael Johansson

  2012-10-31 Konsertbiljetter till Accept i Stockholm (Swe) by: Competition Master

  2012-07-16 Vila i frid Jon Lord (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2012-07-05 Camping, Område, Mat, Band, Folk och Baguetter !! (Swe) by: Mia Marjorie

  2012-04-26 Ane Brun, Mark Lanegan och Frida Hyvönen till Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-04-24 Grindcore legender til Copenhell (Swe) by: Jurga Kalinauskaite

  2012-04-18 Miike Snow, Kindness och Oberhofer till Way Out West i sommar (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-04-01 Hot Chip klara för Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-03-14 Frank Ocean klar för Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-03-07 The Afghan Whigs och The Field klara för Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-02-27 BLUR confirmed for Way Out West 2012 (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2012-02-19 Brutal Assault news! (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2012-02-19 THE BLACK KEYS confirmed for Way Out West festival 2012 (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2012-02-15 THURSTON MOORE, ST. VINCENT och DEPORTEES är klara för Way Out West 9-11 augusti 2012 (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-29 FLORENCE + THE MACHINE CONFIRMED FOR WAY OUT WEST 2012 (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-27 Get the new VOICES OF DESTINY album "Power Dive" for only Eur 5! (Swe) by: Mikael Johansson

  2012-01-22 70000TONS OF METAL 2012 IS SOLD OUT! (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-22 ASAP Rocky och Yelawolf klara för Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-15 Azealia Banks confirmed for Way Out West (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-15 FEIST CONFIRMED FOR WAY OUT WEST (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-15 Angående Vince Neil och Mötley Crüe (Swe) by: Johan Möller

  2012-01-15 Refused confirmed for Way Out West 2012 (Eng) by: Johan Möller

  2011-12-25 What Santa should have filled your stockings with... (Swe) by: Mikael Johansson


  2011-06-12 Bäst och sämst på Sweden Rock 2011 (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-06-12 Lekstuga med Ozzy (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-06-11 MrBig äger (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-06-10 Joan Jett äger Norje och allsång med Halford (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-06-09 Joan Jett Coolast i Norje (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-06-07 Frukost 50 spänn gjort på gårdagens rester (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2011-04-24 Day 3 (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2011-04-23 Day 2 (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2011-04-22 Day 1 (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2011-04-21 Day 0 - Club day (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2011-03-24 Bonedog "Blame the Cat" Debutalbum released! (Eng) by: Bonedog

  2011-03-11 Arceye Confirmed for HAMMERFEST III (Eng) by: Arceye

  2011-03-10 Ten Cent Toy: Hammerfest Bound! (Eng) by: Ten Cent Toy

  2011-02-23 Stallion four confirmed for Rockstad Falun 2011 festival (Swe) by: Stallion Four

  2011-02-15 Stallion four - Madness video (Swe) by: Stallion Four

  2011-02-15 Myspace (Swe) by: Stallion Four

  2011-02-15 Street level rock n´roll (Eng) by: Stallion Four

  2011-01-02 Årets tio bästa album 2010 (Swe) by: Erika Tivedal

  2010-12-12 Torsson - Överst på önskelistan (Swe) by: Mikael Hedman

  2010-10-13 Pugh Trio - Lust Hunger (Swe) by: Mikael Hedman

  2010-10-11 Bildspel John Lindberg Trio - Tiger Feet (Swe) by: Mikael Hedman

  2010-09-28 Resan till giget i Sävsjö (Swe) by: Frantic Amber

  2010-09-17 Crashdïet - Close Up båten 9/9 2010 (Swe) by: Mia Marjorie

  2010-09-17 Meshuggah - Close Up båten 9/9 2010 (Swe) by: Mia Marjorie

  2010-09-17 The Kristet Utseende - Close Up båten 9/9 2010 (Swe) by: Mia Marjorie

  2010-09-17 Close up båten - 1 dygns hård fest(ival) (Swe) by: Mia Marjorie

  2010-08-13 Folkmusiken ljuder (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-08-13 Roots and folk (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-08-13 Proggen lever (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-08-13 Strommen finder vajen... (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-08-12 Vätterfesten torsdag (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-08-11 Urkult - En festival, oändligt med kärlek. (Swe) by: Christian Ludvigsson

  2010-08-07 Vagos Open Air 2010 - Solar Maximun (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2010-07-25 Finsk Tango , Rysk Rockabilly & Regn (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-07-22 Europe framträdande i världsklass (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-07-17 Festival Marés Vivas 2010 - Day 03 (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2010-07-16 Festival Marés Vivas 2010 - Day 02 (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2010-07-15 Marés Vivas (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2010-07-15 Day O1 (Swe) by: Claudia Bernal

  2010-07-10 Stadsfesten 2010 i Skellefteå, del 2 (Swe) by: Therese Henelund

  2010-07-10 Bach sang Happy Birthday to Dio (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-10 Booze, Broads and Beelzebub (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-10 Epica brings symphonic metal on main stage (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-10 Last day starting to get heavy (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Queensrÿche opens up for Gary Moore (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Harley for free (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Norway Rock had just been Enslaved (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Norway Rock got Enslaved (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Stadsfesten 2010 i Skellefteå, del 1 (Swe) by: Therese Henelund

  2010-07-09 G.R.F. fredag eftermiddag (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-07-09 one more amazing voice (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Sun - finally (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-09 Day 2 over@Norway Rock (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-08 Immortal live (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-08 Amon Amarth - Swedes delivering viking metal in Norway (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-08 G.R.F. Premiären 2010 (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-07-08 Day 1@Kvinesdal (Swe) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-07-08 G.R.F. Lugnet innan stormen dag 1 (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-07-07 Day 0 (Eng) by: Andrea Chirulescu

  2010-06-28 Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day three (Eng) by:

  2010-06-27 Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day two (Swe) by:

  2010-06-26 Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day one (Swe) by:

  2010-06-13 Sweden rock Festival 2010 det bästa och sämsta (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-06-13 Presskonferens Steel Panther (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-06-09 Detta eviga regnande @ SRF (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-06-09 Regn regn regn igen (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-06-08 Snart, mycket snart..... (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-06-07 VIDEOS: Sweden Rock 2008 Day 3-5 (Swe) by: Michaela Hult

  2010-06-07 VIDEOS: Sweden Rock 2008 (dag 4) (Swe) by: Michaela Hult

  2010-06-07 VIDEOS: Sweden Rock 2008 (Swe) by: Michaela Hult

  2010-06-05 MuskelRock dag3 - närmar sig slutet (Swe) by: Stefan Vohnsen

  2010-05-29 Over and out Siesta! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-29 Maskinen & Mew (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-29 Danko Jones röjer Siesta (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-29 Från Siesta med Skånetrafiken (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Teddybears! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Dags för Siestafiestakaffe och The Hives! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Satan Takes A Holiday på Siesta (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Siesta dag 2 (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Calle Kristiansson på Siesta? (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-28 Slutet på första Siestadagen! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-27 Siesta - Johnossi & Built To Spill (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-27 Gaby and the Guns på Siesta! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-27 Siesta presentation (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-27 Hästpojken imorgon på Siesta (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-27 Framme på Siesta! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2010-05-23 Rock The Lake Evendal Växjö 2010 (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-05-19 Festivalvideos in the blog! + VIDEO: Sweden Rock 2008 day 1 (Eng) by: Michaela Hult

  2010-05-19 Festivalfilmer i bloggen! + VIDEO: Sweden Rock 2008 dag 1 (Swe) by: Michaela Hult

  2010-05-18 Wacken Open Air 2010 (Eng) by: Wacken Open Air

  2010-05-17 R.I.P Ronnie james Dio (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-05-02 Popadelica 2010 (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-01-31 Köp Death row innan den tar slut! (Swe) by: Massdistraction

  2010-01-18 Death row singeln ute i butikerna nu! (Swe) by: Massdistraction

  2010-01-08 Happy Birthday to the legends (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2010-01-03 Nyårsfest på Zaragon Rock Club Jönköping (Swe) by: Greger Lindblad

  2009-12-30 Death row singeln ute i butikerna nu! (Swe) by: Massdistraction

  2009-11-17 Cheers from Nantes (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-11-07 Day off... (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-11-06 hey hey fucking hey!!!!!!!! (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-11-04 Slightly delayed first update in Rome (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-10-13 Massdistraction Live på Bodoni 28/10 (Swe) by: Massdistraction

  2009-07-20 Close to the finish line... (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-07-14 Arvika, peace and love & studion (Swe) by: Alice in Videoland

  2009-07-06 Ruisrock söndag (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-05 WFF day 3 (Eng) by: Marcus Grip

  2009-07-04 In Flames på Ruisrock (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-04 Ruisrock babbel (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-04 Ruisrocklördag (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-04 Slipknot på Ruisrock (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-04 Day 2 (Eng) by: Marcus Grip

  2009-07-03 Ruisrock fredag (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-03 Äntligen Ruisrock!! (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-07-03 3/7 (Eng) by: Marcus Grip

  2009-07-01 Tuska lista (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-29 Tuska, slutet gott allting gott (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-28 Tuska day 3 (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-28 Tuskas lördag (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-27 Tuska, day 2 (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-27 Tuska, första efterfesten (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-26 Tuska, day 1 (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-25 Tuska kör igång (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2009-06-16 Hey! We have a blog! (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-06-10 And then there was recording... (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-06-08 oj va längesen sist.. (Swe) by: Alice in Videoland

  2009-06-04 2 day på SRF (Swe) by: Rogge Hårdrock o Danne Rockhård

  2009-06-03 Wave Gotic Treffen (Swe) by: Rikard Nyman

  2009-06-03 heavy metal (Swe) by: Rogge Hårdrock o Danne Rockhård

  2009-05-29 one more week.. (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-05-20 Making the best album better (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-05-14 tonartshöjning (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-05-08 almost done... (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-05-03 SWR XII - Day3 (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2009-05-03 DLK - Long time, no blogg!!! (Swe) by: De Lyckliga Kompisarna

  2009-05-01 SWR XII - Day2 (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2009-04-30 SWR XII - Day1 (Eng) by: Claudia Bernal

  2009-04-29 studio update (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-04-29 soooooooool (Swe) by: Alice in Videoland

  2009-04-25 CHEERLEADERS SÖKES!!! (Swe) by: Alice in Videoland

  2009-04-22 ... and hard work pays off... (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-04-21 Toril in videoland (Swe) by: Alice in Videoland

  2009-04-21 21st working hour in a row (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-04-20 DLK - VI ÄR I STUDIO!!! (Swe) by: De Lyckliga Kompisarna

  2009-04-16 40 hour songwriting (Swe) by: Avatar

  2009-04-07 Avatar in the Studio - The first post (Eng) by: Avatar

  2009-03-24 Tack Bonafide (Swe) by: Bonafide

  2009-03-24 Fansen har talat (Swe) by: De Lyckliga Kompisarna

  2009-02-15 Bonafide Studio Blog (Swe) by: Bonafide

  2009-02-13 De Lyckliga kompisarna (Swe) by: De Lyckliga Kompisarna

  2008-08-02 Live från Wacken Open Air 2008 (Swe) by: Malin Valtonen

  2008-07-01 Live blogg Roskildefestival 2008 (Swe) by: Ola Elleström