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Blondie - Panic of girls | FESTIVALPHOTO

Blondie - Panic of girls



"Panic of girls" is the latest Blondie album. As with all Blondie albums, there is a mix of styles here, yet the songs all retain that Blondie feel.

"Mother" is the first single to be taken from the album and is a catchy song that Blondie fans will love. "What I heard" seems like a very likely choice for the next single.

Blondie have long done cover versions of songs - most famously with "The tide is high" (the original is by The Paragons), and there are two cover versions on this album - "Sunday smile" is a cover of the song by Beirut, and "Girlie Girlie" is a cover of the reggae song by Sophia George. Of the two "Girly Girly" is by far my favourite.

Once again, Blondie experiment with songs in foreign languages - "Le Bleu" is sung in French, and "Wipe off my sweat" is largely in Spanish

In the UK the album is available as a "fan pack". This comes in a large cardboard sleeve and contains a poster, 4 postcards, 6 badges, and a magazine packed with loads of information about Blondie,and interviews with the band, as well as the album in a nice hardbacked book-style case. This version of the album also includes two bonus tracks.

Blondie are one of those bands who are constantly changing and evolving and thats certainly the case here, but the album still has a strong Blondie identity. There's plenty of variety on the album and plenty for fans to enjoy. Definitely another great album from Blondie.

Track listing:

1. D-Day
2. What I heard
3. Mother
4. The end the end
5. Girlie girlie
6. Love doesn't frighten me
7. Words in my mouth
8. Sunday smile
9. Wipe off my sweat
10. Le Bleu
11. China shoes

12. Horizontal twist
13. Mirame


Writer: Anthony May
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