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King of Hearts: 1989 | FESTIVALPHOTO

King of Hearts: 1989



Avenue of Allies/Sound Pollution

Back in 1989 things were getting interesting in AOR. Bruce Gaitsch was involved with Alan Kovac, RICHARD MARX´s then manager. A support slot for a forthcoming tour was in the cards. Due to inactivity in NIGHT RANGER Kelly Keagy was available for drums and vocal duties. George Hawkins Jr. joined on basss (KENNY LOGGINS, JOHN FOGERTY, and Tommy Funderburk (AIRPLAY, BOSTON) had been involved in RICHARD MARX´s activities and was offered the vocalist spot. Bruce himself took care of the guitar of cause. For some reason the album gathered dust for ten years before seeing a Japan only release ten years later. But Avenue of Allies is now making it available in Europe, for the first time.

We´re not talking second or third rate musicians here, nor are we into power metal or heavier. KING OF HEARTS is pure AOR by some of the most interesting names in the business, now as well as then. We´re talking really soft summer time music here, but also some of the most beautiful musicianship you have ever heard. Things might get rockier or more bluesy in tracks like “Everyday” or “Under the Gun”, but the average track is not material to get slightly broken pacemakers going. Instead KING OF HEARTS focus on the process of everyday life, of mending relations or stormy love. In my notes I have a lot of “inspired” or “deep lyrics” jotted down. This school of writing is right up the alleys of RICHARD MARX, TOM WAITE, or TOTO. It is so hard to believe this album was once shelved for so many years. This is high class excellence, and I wouldn´t want to do without these eleven tracks on a hot summer´s day in a convertible cruising by the sea…

Track List
Working Man
In So Many Words
Don´t Call My Name
Smack Dab (In the Middle of Love)
Remember When
Hold on to Love
Under the Gun
Lovin´ Arms
Was It Good for You
King of Hearts

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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