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TNT - A farewell to arms | FESTIVALPHOTO

TNT - A farewell to arms



"A farewell to arms" is the latest album from Norwegian rockers, TNT (although in the USA and Scandinavia it has been titled as "Engine" for reasons best known to record companies.
Since forming in 1982 the band have been through many lineup changes, and the current lineup includes two members from the 1982 lineup - Ronni Le Tekrø (Guitar) and Morten "Diesel" Dahl (Drums). They are joined by Victor Borge (Bass) and Tony Mills (Vocals), both of whom have been with the band for around five years.

The voice of Tony Mills is likely to be familiar to many people - as well as having recorded three albums with TNT, he had a long career with Shy releasing around a dozen albums with them, and he has also provided vocals for a number of other bands including the first two albums for upcoming British melodic rockers Serpentine.

The album kicks off with "Engine" which starts with some distorted electric guitar before the song kicks in at full power. This is definitely a heavy track, and it sets the tone for the album - plenty of heavy guitars, great tunes and great vocals making this a great hard rock album
"Refugee" slows the pace slightly, but not significantly, before "Ship in the night" - a classic TNT melodic rock song with a good catchy chorus.
The album ends with "God natt, Marie" (ignoring the bonus track on the European version) - a slow gentle ballad/lullaby

TNT got criticism from many fans following their two previous albums, but this album should avoid that fate - this is TNT back to their best, and all hard rock fans should consider checking this album out.

Track listing:

1. Engine
2. Refugee
3. Ship in the night
4. Take it like a man - woman!
5. Come
6. Barracuda
7. A signature on a demons self-portrait
8. Don't misunderstand me
9. A farewell to arms
10. Someone else
11. Godd natt, Marie
12. Harley Davidson (live) - bonus track on the European version of the album.

Writer: Anthony May
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