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Sacred Dawn: A Madness Within | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sacred Dawn: A Madness Within


Qumran/Dark Star

Since 2005 SACRED DAWN has been a force to reckon with in Chicago´s metal scene according to the info sheet. They are also described as innovative and unique, as they deliver the most original progressive metal experiences since the dawn of true prog metal. Influences such as DREAM THEATER, NEVERMORE and IRON MAIDEN are listed. They have debuted, years back, with “Gears of the Machine”. So, prepare to be swept off yer feet.

Opener “The Untold Story” is not much of a beginning. I wished for more of almost everything, better drive and something inspiring to start with. Now I may sound very disliking but that is not true. There are better openers, the title track for instance, but also “Demon Lover” or “Summer of Treason”. I note a becoming resemblance to KING DIAMOND at times. The usage of various high pitched voices and some truly fine guitar work are no disadvantages. Brian Kim also contributes some enchanting keyboard work, not least the Hammond style pattern in “What You Did to Me”. But at the end of the day the music business is quite a lot about being catchy and appealing. I simply can´t find the reasons for enthusing, there is something lacking. Spark perhaps; or the chemistry that has denoted many great bands, not least among SACRED DAWN´S influences. Musically speaking there isn´t much more to ask for, but I don´t get swept off my feet by this release otherwise.

Track List
The Untold Story
What You Did to Me
Demon Lover
A Madness Within
Summer of Treason
It Shall Be
The Decision
Wrongfully Accused
Dawn of the Day

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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