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Pylon: Armoury of God | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pylon: Armoury of God



Quam Libet Records/

Swiss band PYLON releases their fourth full-length album on their Quam Libet Records. New on drums is technical new addition Andrea Tinner, and we are promised some double bass drums! Apart from that they claim to be both faster and slower, as well as ready to offer us a cover of CANDLEMASS` “Somewhere in Nowhere” from “Tales of Creation”.

The duo of Matt Brand, guitars, vocals, production, and Jan Thomas, bass, aerophones and voices, remain. With the drummer change come straighter and more metallic sounding songs. “The First Church” opens with both doomy guitar work and lighter keys. The slow style from their previous outing feels distant. Matt´s voice is not very polished, but not as unpolished as many of their competitors. I believe that new boy Andrea´s drumming makes a difference and increases the pace a tad. A lighter keyboard pattern makes a lot of difference too. But then it´s back to normal semi-pace doom with “The Worm Within”. The feeling of WITCHFIINDER GENERAL is there, and Matt´s production provides a lot of 80´s feel, while his guitar solo might be too fast? I believe these factors to raise PYLON a cut above the rest, especially since I like the Swedish take on doom. The spirited guitar patterns amongst the slowly dragging songs are also appreciated. The mix of Matt and Zeeb Parkes in the vocals feels fine too. I wonder if they open “Hollow Sky” with a jam? It is a nice start in a song that works all in all. The odd and totally enjoyable “Cosmic Treasure” makes up for the SABBATH-based “I Lyki Kardia Mou”, which both contribute to the sound of PYLON in their own way. They do turn more metal in “Hunter Angels”, faster, extra voices, double bass drumming, everything make them stand out in the genre. The bass lines impress me, as does the melody. CANDLEMASS gets a small overhaul; PYLON goes Swedish in all simplicity. I believe this to be a statement of mostly independency and an own sound. PYLON mixes their enigma with the trademarks of decades gone. I think it works just fine.

Track List
The First Church
The Worm Within
In from the Funeral Fields
Hollow Sky
Cosmic Treasure
I lyki stin kardia mou
Hunter Angels
In Serpent Tongues
Somewhere in Nowhere (CANDLEMASS Cover)
Dead Is All Around

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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