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Michael Monroe - Sensory Overload | FESTIVALPHOTO

Michael Monroe - Sensory Overload



Sensory Overload is the first album from Michael MOnroe's new band. The lineup is impressive - Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks), Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks & New York DOlls), Steve Conte (New York Dolls), Ginger (Wildhearts), and Karl Rockfirst (Danzig), but an impressive lineup doesnt always translate into great albums. Thankfully in this case though, it does.

The album isnt a case of Hanoi Rocks under a new name - its got quite a different sound and feel to it, but not so radically different that it wont still appeal to Hanoi Rocks fans. There is a lot more of a punk feel to the album with The Ramones being one obvious influence, but it still retains traces of Hanoi Rocks. Looking at the writing credits helps explain this - its not a case of Michael Monroe writing everything and then recruiting a band to play the songs, the band members have all contributed significantly to the writing, so no one member has dominated the song writing and as a result the album has a range of influences blended together. The Ramones influence was confirmed on the recent UK tour when the band chose to cover the Ramones song "Blitzkrieg bop".

The first single from the album,'78 is a great up-tempo catchy song which deserves to do well. "Debauchery as a fine art" was written by Michael Monroe and Lemmy Kilminster (Motorhead), and Lemmy also sings the song on the album with Michael, and is another great song. "Gone baby gone" features Lucinda Williams as a guest star - something that made Ginger particularly happy as he is a big fan of hers - see the Interview with Ginger and Sami Yaffa on -

This album is highly recommended for fans of Michael Monroe, Hanoi Rocks and for people who like a slightly heavier, punk influenced sound. An excellent album.


1. Trick of the wrist
2. '78
3. Got blood
4. Superpowered superfly
5. Modern day miracle
6. Bombs away
7. All you need
8. Later wont wait
9. Gone baby gone (Feturing Lucinda Williams)
10. Center of your heart
11. Debauchery as a fine art (featuring Lemmy Kilminster)
12. Another night in the sun (Bonus track)
13. You're next (Bonus track)

DVD (Deluxe edition of the album): Michael Monroe road movie 2010

Writer: Anthony May
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