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Demonical: Swedish Death Metal Darkness Supreme | FESTIVALPHOTO

Demonical: Swedish Death Metal Darkness Supreme


There was a time when everything was Old School in death metal. Back in the late eighties/early nineties there was bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and UNLEASHED in Sweden, NOCTURNUS and MORBID ANGEL were breaking new ground in the US, and in England there was the likes of BENEDICTION, to name but a few. In later years there has been a return to the old ways, and I think that Sweden is somewhere in the forefront of that movement.

Ex CENTINEX members Johan Jansson, vocals/guitars, Martin Schulman, bass, and Ronnie Bergerståhl, drums, got together in March 2006, men on a mission to return to the roots of death metal. They released “Servants of the Unlight” with Ludde Engelau on vocals, but the last two discs have featured Sverker “Widda” Widgren on vocals. Excellent reviews and Old School releases like a split EP has paved their way. But what are their chances, how good is their new material, “Death Infernal”, and where do they want to go? Who better to answer my questions than bass man Martin Schulman, who also happens to handle bookings…
Hello Martin, please elaborate on the new album!

The New album “Death Infernal”

- We have come up with a really good album, Martin states with conviction. We are so pleased, and “Widda” has really worked with the arrangements, which I believe has developed a lot. “Widda” is actually a guitar player, which has helped out in that aspect. We also got a lot of studio time at Moribundus, where “Widda” is a business partner. The drums were laid in September 2010, and the album was in the works for 15 months, of which about four weeks was effective recording time. As always we didn´t have any lyrics when we entered the studio.

Speaking about lyrics, with songs like “March for Victory”, “Slain Warriors” and “From Northern Shores”, are you opting for UNLEASHED territory?

- Haha, we´re looking to expand our views a bit, but the lyrics must mix with the music; we had no other thoughts about it. I have heard this question before, haha.

How would you compare your latest effort to the predecessor, “Hellsworn”?

-The new album is more varied and elaborated. We have improved the sound and our level of playing. There is also more melody on “Death Infernal”, but there is still no doubt that it is an album by DEMONICAL. I really can´t stand rough tracks without variety.

Conquering the World

The SABATON of death metal, or how big are you?

-Aw well, we have played quite a lot in Europe. We make a point of touring as headliners, for smaller audiences. Still it seems that death heads seem to be aware of us. We also have a very good position with our record company, who believe in us. We are very pleased with them, and the feeling seems mutual.

What´s next?

- To head for the USA we feel the need for an American licensing deal, or a specific company. Metal Blade has licensed some Cyclone Empire albums, and that might change everything for us. It is quite different to Europe, we need to do the ground work right before we try anything really serious. For now we have a festival gig in September, which we will try to complete with one or two more gigs.

And then there´s India and Bangkok?

- Well we are set to play two festivals over there. We do look forward to it, we´ve heard a good many things about those parts of the world. But we are seriously interested in Eastern Europe. It is very rewarding playing over there, at least in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, where we have played. Those countries are not as interspersed with tours as e.g. Germany, where virtually every tour passes through.

What are your best and worst memories on the road?

- I wouldn´t out it like that. We have fun almost all the time. We have never regretted a trip, although anything can become an obstacle. We´ve actually never been out for any serious mishaps, or even been ripped off. The thing is often to recapture when you get home. There are so many persons and impressions to remember.

What´s in the making for later on?

-We are working on a couple of things for the Autumn; which will hopefully include Finland, Germany, Eastern Europe, and maybe a few more US gigs. We will headline, we prefer that to buying in on a name band tour. That is really no guarantee for a larger audience these days.

Well, that is Martin, and DEMONICAL in a nutshell. I really like the low key approach, combined with a dead serious attitude towards fans and Old School death metal. If there will ever be new kings of death metal hailing from Sweden I believe DEMONICAL to have more than affair shot at the throne. Don´t miss out on their new album either, I strongly believe it to be one of the best since ENTOMBED released “Clandestine”!

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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Luffarn Luffarn Written 2011-04-07 01:36:39
Correction: The studio is Necromorbus NOT Moribundus!! "We also got a lot of studio time at NECROMORBUS, where “Widda” is a business partner".