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But We Try It: Dead Lights | FESTIVALPHOTO

But We Try It: Dead Lights



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Debuting thrashcore band BUT WE TRY IT is marketed as addictive and merciless. They released a demo in 2009, they have gigged with the likes of CRYPTOPSY and VALIENT THORR, and they get a lot of PR together with LEGION OF THE DAMNED in various magazines. Swedish melodies are said to meet American modern brutality. The breakthrough is at hand…or?

“Bloodritual” starts out soft and atmospheric before it gets ripped to pieces by Jörn Preidts´s voice. He varies his vocals to the guitar wall courtesy of Messrs. Tom Marxcors and Domink Ballreich. They sound inspired and faithful to the typical eighties shredders. Of cause there are parts of both thrash and –core, but in an often harmonic way. “Cruel World” brings a lot of shrieking, but also cozy thrash. The edge and the arrangements in tracks like “City of Ghosts” “The Great Disaster” and “Embracing Darkness”, are perfects matches, embalmed in nice guitar patterns. But more often the shrieking vocals, or pure monotony as in “Everything Falls Apart”, demolish every good effort. The title track is an ambitious piece in two parts. The instrumental first part rings of old thrash giants. Part two has its ups and downs, as with the album in general. No, I believe that BUT WE TRY IT has something, but they only display it occasionally. They need more tracks with good and clearer refrains; an inch of clean vocals thrown in does not harm their chances in combination with their punch. The mark is a slightly muffled bravo.

Track List
Cruel World
The Gift and the Curse
City of Ghosts
Everything Falls Apart
Remember Me
The Great Disaster
Embracing Darkness
Dead Lights I: The Rising
Dead Lights II: The Path to New Hope

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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