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Fejd: Eifur



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Nature mysticism, Swedish legends, magic melodies and traditional mediaeval instruments are the foundation of FEJDS sound. They dedicate themselves to clean vocals by Patrick Rimmerfors, and want to paint a picture of a travelling musician by a fire. Patrick does not only handle vocals, but also a host of exotic and old-fashioned instruments, while his brother Niklas handles the keyed fiddler. In 2001 they joined forces with bass player Thomas Antonsson, keyboard player/guitarist Lennart Specht and drummer Esko Salow, all of Swedish band PATHOS. Everyone of them have their roots in metal, but shares an interest in folk music. A variety of gigs and demos was followed by their debut “Storm” in 2008. Here is number two, this should be merry men dancing all over?

The result of gig routine and studio time is present right away in “Drängen och Kråkan” (The Handyman and the Crow”). Nevertheless they get more spirited even in the lively “Farsot” (“Plague”). All the odd instruments make them feel genuine, and lyrics in Swedish enforce that feeling. The atmosphere is there, as well as a bunch of ok tracks, with the title track being the most grand. The metal seems to be in the drums mostly, remove them and they change genres. This is sincere but some more heaviness would have served them well. This is an ok album that tries to be genuine in a trendy genre.

Track List
Drängen och Kråkan
Jungfru i Hindhamn
Alvas Halling

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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