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Seven Thorns: Return to the Past | FESTIVALPHOTO

Seven Thorns: Return to the Past



Nightmare Records/Record Heaven

SEVEN THORNS has been around since 1998, but issue their debut only now. They have won some competitions, released two singles and played with bands like ANVIL and JORN. Catchy power metal combined with neoclassic influences by a six man band is promised.

Baroque power metal meets sing-along melodies of good ole Danish standard. The main man of the band is eternal drummer Lars “Laske” Borup, besides him I mostly noted the guests; Mikkel Henderson (FATE, EVIL MASQUERADE) and Olaf Lenk (AT VANCE). But the band is noted musically. Opener “Liberty” oozes of confidence and routine. But if you can´t cope with neoclassic metal or German overly refrain focused power metal you can stop reading right now. Not since the heyday of HELLOWEEN or HEAVEN`S GATE have I heard this kind of slick choruses. But a lot of “whooa” and arena adaptation also makes for an album that makes me smile like way back in the eighties. This I s mostly high-class material but songs like “Countdown” and “Spread Your Wings” are are inferior compared to the rest. The highlights are the title track, “Through the Mirror” and “Freedom Call”. All in all this is laudable, but not quite in the five star division.

Track List
End of the Road
Through the Mirror
Freedom Call
Forest Majesty
Spread Your Wings
Fires and Storms
Return to the Past

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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