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Atrocity Featuring Yasmin: After the Storm | FESTIVALPHOTO

Atrocity Featuring Yasmin: After the Storm



Napalm/Sound Pollution

German band ATROCITY has made a name for themselves as experimental and daring metal merchants. Since their debut as a technical death metal band, “Hallucinations” (1990), they have released eight full-length studio albums, several EPS, mixed heavily with gothic/electro/industrial, as well as their famed tributes to 80´s pop. Now they return to recording with vocalist Alexander Krull´s sister Yasmin, as they did in the mid-nineties. Back then ethnic met metal and other unusual influences, what have they done this time?

”A New Arrival” opens in a soft pace, a synthesizer pattern and Yasmin´s voice is all. It is very ethnic, very un-German, and far away from their last album “Werk 80 II”. They sound like a folk music band In “Call of Yesteryear”. Flute, electric guitar, Yasmin´s ethnically tinged voice, and then Alexander´s voice. The song has much going for it, especially in the refrain. The title track also gives a very blended impression. Alexander is always very German-sounding. Yasmin in the total opposite and this time they complete the style with Arabic sounding rhythms, plus other ethnic influences to lesser part. This is world music, folk and a tad metal. I´d say it´s a solo album for Yasmin. They get things going in the instrumental tracks, and come across with a blend to my tastes in “Transsilvania”, and the “The Otherworld”. Apart from those moments this is way too exotic for me to queue up to buy it. But I must lift my hat to ATROCITY for daring and mixing metal into new territories.

Track List
A New Arrival
Call of Yesteryear
After the Storm
Silvan Spirit
Black Mountain
As the Sun Kissed the Sky
The Flight of Abbas Ibn Firnas
Goddess of Fortune and Sorrow
The Otherworld
Eternal Nightside

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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