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Vanderbuyst: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vanderbuyst: S/T



Ván/Sound Pollution

VANDERBUYST is a Dutch power trio consisting of; Wllem Verbuyst (ex. POWERVICE), guitars, Jochem Jonkman, bass/vocals, and Barry van Esbrock, drums. Their inspiration comes from early NWOBHM and bands like RAINBOW, THIN LIZZY and VAN HALEN. They debuted with a self titled EP in 2008. Now, as well as then, they are produced by Pieter G Kloos (DEVIL`S BLOOD, MOTORPSYCHO). It´s time to enter the time machine.

Melodic guitar work and shattered drum patterns open “To Last Forever”. It doesn´t sound like 2010 anywhere, although the production is way better than any album from the eighties. Jochens voice echoes of a variety of 80´s vocalists. The solo feels like it was recorded live in the studio, plus it seems adapted for live renditions. This lot is in the grey zone of NWOBHM and eighties melodic hard rock. “Tiger” feels very British, sort of like HEAVY PETTIN` meets TOKYO BLADE. After the solo the pace quickens into a take on ANGEL WITCH. They leave the British Isles with “New Orleans”, and do laid-back US hard rock with a live friendly refrain. The porn epic “Traci Lords” echoes of early Swedish hard rock. Jochen continues to sound oddly British for a Dutchman, but with touches of a young PAUL STANLEY. There is something KISS-like about “Stealing Your Thunder”, which is no coincidence. To make sure no one misses out on their love affair with the 80´s, VANDERBUYST do an eleven plus minutes long version of UFO´s “Rock Bottom”. The bass is a bit “wreckless” and it is hard recreating MICHAEL SCHENKER and PHIL MOGG. But still they soldier on bravely and show a lot of attitude, just like their idols. The most pointless song on display is the second live in studio song, “From Pillar to Post”. There is no more panache than in an old AVENGER track off “Killer Elite”! Seven songs may be fairly short but I like VANDENBUYST, both their attitude and their style!

Track List
To Last Forever
New Orleans
Traci Lords
Stealing Your Thunder
Rock Bottom
From Pillar to Post

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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