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Constantine: Shredcore | FESTIVALPHOTO

Constantine: Shredcore




CONSTANTINE is normally guitarslinger for MYSTIC PROPHECY and DESCEND. At the age of 12 he picked up the guitar, and at 19 he joined Swedish band NIGHTRAGE as replacement for present OZZY guitarist Gus G. He left that band in 2007, joined MYSTIC PROPHECY in 2008 and DESCEND seems to be on the move. Is he going places in the world of guitar music too?

“2 Fast 2 Furious” takes off with a bang, nothing is slow. Other musicians on the album are; Frank Huber, drums (ex. VALLEYS EVE), and Bob Katsionis, keyboards (FIREWIND). Spontaneously this is fast, neat and accessible. The production courtesy of RD Liapakis is also a quality job. CONSTANTINE seems not to be an 80´s speed freak, “Distracted” displays a heavier style and he has no hesitation about letting the other musicians show off. He heads for softer SATRIANI- style with “Rational Chaos”. “Jihad” is of cause a trip into Arabia. It is the first track to which I lack vocals. There is a lot of crunch in the joyous “A Fine Day to Die”, but my favorite is nevertheless the groovy “The Blame Game”. It is the essence of CONSTANTINE`S range. But it is almost wequalled by “A Rose for Rejection”. CONSANTINE doesn´t quite keep up the steem for the duration of the album, with the other instruments moving the focus away from the young talent. He still has a climb to reach people like PAUL GILBERT, RITCHIE KOTZEN and, why not new starlet DAVY MARTONE. But he performs well and judging by his looks he has his future ahead of him.

Track List
2 Fast 2 Furious
Rational Chaos
A Fine Day to Die
The Blame Game
A Rose for Rejection
A Tear in the Open
Playing with Fire

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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