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The Smile concert at the Arenele Romane: schedule and access rules | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Smile concert at the Arenele Romane: schedule and access rules



We invite you to find out the schedule, access rules and other useful information for The Smile concert at Arenele Romane, from June 17. It is the musical project started by Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood, both members of Radiohead.

The Smile, the band of Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead). together with Tom Skinner on drums, will perform a concert on June 17 at Arenele Romane in Bucharest. The opening guest will be the British James Holden.

The Smile concert program at Arenele Romane

Premium Early Entry: 18:00
Open doors: 18:30
James Holden: 19:00 - 19:45
The Smile: 21:15 - ...

Access rules for The Smile concert at the Romanian Arenas

Access to the premises of Arenele Romane starts at 18:00, and the concerts start at 19:00. After the gates open, you can arrive at whatever time you want to see your favorite bands. The concert takes place outdoors.

For all ticket categories, access is at the lower gates, from the park, of the Roman Arenas.

Upon entering the event perimeter, all participants will be checked in luggage by security agents.

Tickets give participants access only to the categories in which they purchased their ticket.

Children's access

Children under 10 have free access only in the Ground area (not on the seats) and accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket.

The organizers recommend that fans who come with children under 10 years of age protect their ears with special headphones. At the concert, the volume will be loud and may affect children's hearing.

Ticket categories

Access to the event space will be allowed to one person based on the valid ticket, once. The ticket on the basis of which the access will be made must be kept for the entire duration of the concert.

Leaving the perimeter of Arenele Romane, after validating the access ticket, will be strictly prohibited. People who want to leave the event area can do so, but upon exiting their wristband will be broken and if they want to re-enter, they will have to buy other tickets.

Premium and Ground Category ticket holders will receive wristbands that will allow them access to the ticketed categories. General Access ticket holders will not receive wristbands.

Premium Category - Tickets with a seat in sectors K and E. Provides access to the Ground and General Access area as well as earlyentry and a gift poster.

Field Category - Tickets without a seat, in front of the stage on the field. It also provides access to the General Access area.

General Access category - with a seat in the Arena

It is FORBIDDEN access with:

bottles, cans;
food or drinks of any kind;
fireworks, dangerous objects;
laser objects (eg pointers, laser lighters);
umbrellas (in case of rain bring capes);
guns, clubs, knives, sprays, long chains, selfie sticks, glow sticks, sharp objects, fireworks
prohibited substances according to law 143 / 2000
laser objects (eg pointers, laser lighters);
professional or semi-professional cameras/video cameras (with removable lens);
professional or semi-professional audio-video recording devices;
people with medical problems must have clear evidence on them to be able to enter the concert with the necessary medicines.

The organizers will NOT store or guard the objects presented in the above list during the event!

The organizers inform the participating public that the performances include strong lights that may affect epileptics.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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