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A night to Remember - Iggy Pop brought the world to the heights of ecstasy at Electric Castle 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

A night to Remember - Iggy Pop brought the world to the heights of ecstasy at Electric Castle 2023


The 2023 edition of the Electric Castle Festival was one with an incendiary line-up, being the first of the series of festivals in Bontida, where for 5 days the music blared from the loudspeakers non-stop

Electric Castle 2023 witnessed an electrifying show in the presence of the legendary Iggy Pop, who left his unmistakable mark on the entire festival and its participants. Held in the picturesque Bánffy Castle in Cluj, Romania, the festival provided the perfect setting for an evening of high-energy rock and roll, with Iggy Pop providing an unforgettable experience.

It was another night of fun at the Electric Castle, despite the rain code orange. Tens of thousands of people ignored the whims of nature and danced until sunrise. The legendary Iggy Pop took the stage with the same energy he had 30 years ago. Everything, to the joy of the partygoers, who felt the adrenaline to the fullest.

The legendary American singer Iggy Pop, who was in Romania for the first time, took the stage at the Electric Castle shortly after 10 p.m. The artist kept the audience hooked for minutes on end. The young people who came to the festival wanted to take full advantage of the last moments before the rain came and had a lot of fun. They didn't forget the outfits either, which were spectacular.

That evening, the atmosphere at Electric Castle was magical. As the sun set behind the Gothic ruins of Bánffy Castle, the stage was bathed in vibrant lights that danced in sync with the music. The anticipation of the legendary moment was palpable; fans from all over the world had gathered on the lawn in front of the main stage, many dressed in Iggy Pop t-shirts, to complete the evening's punk rock landscape.

Throughout the concert of the legendary Iggy Pop, the festival was filled with a mixture of historical charm and modern exuberance. Food stalls offering a range of international cuisines, art installations and interactive experiences dot the landscape, giving festival goers plenty to explore before the main event. The sense of community was strong, with strangers quickly becoming friends out of shared excitement for what was to come.

The crowd in front of the stage was a diverse melange of ages and socio-cultural backgrounds, people brought together by their love of Iggy Pop and his lasting influence on rock music. Young festivalgoers mingled with die-hard fans, many of whom have followed Iggy's career since his early days with The Stooges. The energy was contagious, people spontaneously danced and sang along throughout the show.

Iggy Pop's show at Electric Castle was at the level of a rock and roll masterclass. From the first chords, Iggy Pop fully proved, if it was needed, that he still possesses the raw energy and charisma that turned him into an iconic figure of universal music. His gravelly and powerful voice reverberated through the night, each track delivered with the same ferocity and passion that has defined his career.

The setlist was a perfect mix of classic hits and newer material, each song meticulously chosen to keep the energy high and the audience's interest high.
Thus, the recital was opened by I Wanna Be Your Dog - the song that set the tone for the evening, instantly igniting the crowd, followed by Gimme Danger - whose powerful riffs completely captivated the audience. Lust for Life came just in time, to bring the entire audience's voices in unison, transforming the entire atmosphere into a real highlight of the entire evening. After this, The Passenger surprised the entire audience by dancing and applauding. Search and Destroy came next, as a symbol of the artist's punk roots, this song brought a raw, chaotic energy to the stage. Then came legendary songs like Five Foot One, Real Wild Child (Wild One), Nightclubbing - A slower, atmospheric track that gave the crowd a brief respite before the next onslaught of rock music began. Some Weird Sin - The driving beat and catchy chorus was a crowd favorite. The evening then continued with China Girl - The special interpretation of this classic song brought a touch of romance to the whole set. The rest of the songs included Mass Production, Candy, No Fun, Down on the Street, I'm Bored, Gardenia and ending the evening with Skull Ring, a song whose energy left the audience with an insatiable appetite for more.

It was a memorable night, precisely because Iggy Pop offered an experience that is hard to match, through charisma and an enviable stage presence, despite his advanced age. His ability to connect with the audience, both through his music and his overflowing energy, all made the entire recital an unforgettable experience. Synergy between Iggy and his fans generated an explosion of raw energy from the audience, where his powerful music created a sense of unity throughout the evening. As the final notes faded and the crowd began to disperse, the entire audience felt like they were witnessing something truly special. Iggy Pop hadn't just sung; had shared with the entire audience an impressive piece of rock history, leaving the entire audience with the feeling of having a similar experience with this unmistakable legend of the world music landscape as soon as possible. Written by Irina Alexandra Marinescu

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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