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May 18, 2023

The first festival experience is unique, but the road to get there is not always easy.
For all teenagers who want to go to Electric Castle, the festival launches Pitch My Parents, the platform where parents can find out the best arguments to give their children the chance to create lifelong memories.

A tent, Youth21 membership and parental consent are all you need to have fun as a teenager at Electric Castle. But they are not necessarily easy to obtain. When good grades, an always clean room and your favorite artist in the line up are not enough reasons to
convince parents, steps in

The organizers of the festival created a platform that helped teenagers to convince their parents to allow them to the festival. The mechanism is simple: young people leave on the artist they want to see, why they deserve to be let to the festival and the contact of their parents, and the parents

I receive an official letter from the festival. The "ticket" means access to good music, in a safe space, to educational events, with special guests. In the long run, it may be even more than that.

"I arrived on stage by leaving the front of the stage, concerts and festivals inspired me to go further with my passion for music. For 3 years, my son can't think of any other way to start his summer vacation than as a volunteer at Electric Castle, it's another kind of experience a parent can give his child, the easiest way to test a festival ", says Adi Despot, the soloist of the Vița de Vie band

Each parent decides what is the right age for the "first festival", but the experience of those who know Electric Castle is relevant.

"I experienced the first festival at the age of 14, three decades later I continue to go to music festivals with the same enthusiasm. I've been going to Electric Castle since the first edition, I was simply a spectator or an artist, on stage, status didn't matter but freedom , the fun, the friends with whom share this very special experience. ", says Dan Costea, who will be performing, together with the band Coma, at this year's edition



Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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