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"Beach, please!" Festival, Costinești 2023. YNY Sebi: "My family made great efforts to make me feel good" | FESTIVALPHOTO

"Beach, please!" Festival, Costinești 2023. YNY Sebi: "My family made great efforts to make me feel good"



YNY Sebi

He is the new sensation of trap music and managed to have a huge success on Youtube and TIK Tok, after releasing songs like "Abu Dhabi" or "Defectul meu".

YNY Sebi is preparing to take the stage at "Beach, Please!", the most anticipated trap music festival of the spring, which will take place in Costinești, between April 27-30, 2023.

Ahead of this event, YNY Sebi answered a few questions.

Do you remember the first concert?

YNY Sebi: "The first concert was in a bar, somewhere in the Old Center. I did it for promotion, not for money... I released the first song when I was 15, I think, and it has nine million views. It was great luck! I took up music more seriously, however, since I was 17-18 years old, with studio, sessions and clips".

What did you do with your first money?

YNY Sebi: "I put them in in a clip. I can't say that I was a child who lacked the essentials. But, it's true, my folks made great efforts to make me feel good. But I've always known to have a limit.

What do you do on a normal day?

YNY Sebi: "I go to high school, then I come to the canto, in Bucharest for 2 hours. After singing, I return to Buzău, go home, then go to the gym in the evening... This is how my schedule looks like in a day."

Now you do gym, but what other sports have you done?

YNY Sebi: "Basketball, for 9 years. I also went swimming, boxing for a while... But with the basketball team I can say that we took 4th place among high school teams in the country. Since I started music, I quit basketball."

If you couldn't make music anymore, what would you do?

YNY Sebi: "I would see myself as a model for clothes, even if I had a tattoo on one hand. Or I don't know, something in this area."

How are you before the concert? Do you have any superstitions?

YNY Sebi: "No. I only think about that moment. I am very attentive to my concerts. I think about when to tell them to jump, when to sing…”

Tickets can be found on BEACH-PLEASE.RO.


Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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