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Iron Maiden returns with a live performance to Bucharest, in May 2022 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Iron Maiden returns with a live performance to Bucharest, in May 2022



The British band Iron Maiden will perform in Bucharest on May 26, 2022, announce the organizers, Metalhead and Best Music Live Concerts.
The heavy metal group will perform outdoors at Romexpo, and the tickets will go on sale on December 6, at 10:00, on the network. 15,000 tickets will be on sale. The event will take place in accordance with the sanitary norms in force at that time.

The German band Lord Of The Lost will sing at the opening of the show in Bucharest.

The 2022 Legacy Show will feature tracks from Iron Maiden's new studio album, "Senjutsu," released this fall, as well as well-known compositions.

Most recently, the band sang in Romania in 2016.

"Next summer we will finally be able to support the big stadium tournament in Europe for 'Legacy of the Beast', which was supposed to take place in 2020 and which has been rescheduled twice. We are excited to add to this tour some of the big cities in Eastern Europe, and we managed to get to Ukraine, where we never sang. We will make some changes to the stage production and setlist to include tracks from the new album "Senjutzu", which will turn "Legacy of the Beast" into a more spectacular show than the original version. But rest assured that we will include all the hits and original elements of the tournament, such as Spitfire, Icarus, Hell, Flamethrowers, Pyrotechnic Elements and more. At the same time, we will be adding new elements, and Trooper Eddie will have a serious competition in the new "world" of Senjutsu that we have thought of, "said Rod Smallwood, manager of Iron Maiden.

"We can't wait to return to Europe next year and it's great that we were able to add Bucharest and the other concerts in Eastern Europe, big cities with great fans. I'm excited about the new changes in stage production and I can't wait for everyone to see what I've prepared. The whole band enjoyed the "Legacy" tour, and now we're looking forward to getting back on track, playing live, having fun and reuniting with everyone, "added soloist Bruce Dickinson.

Founded 46 years ago, Iron Maiden is one of the most influential rock bands in history, has performed in front of millions of people around the world and released 17 studio albums, certified platinum and gold.

The group returns to Bucharest with the latest record material, its best-placed record in the Billboard 200 chart - the third position, surpassing "Powerslave" and "Number Of The Beast".

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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