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The band Iron Maiden will play in Bucharest in 2022. The concert will take place at Romexpo | FESTIVALPHOTO

The band Iron Maiden will play in Bucharest in 2022. The concert will take place at Romexpo



Good news for fans of the legendary British band! Iron Maiden will perform in Bucharest at Romexpo in May 2022. Tickets for the open-air concert will soon go on sale.

The band Iron Maiden plays at Romexpo on May 26, 2022, outdoors. Tickets go on sale on December 6, at 10.00 on, and the first 500 tickets in each category are priced earlybird. Iron Maiden Fan Club members have access to tickets earlier. Special guests in Bucharest are the Germans from Lord Of The Lost, who will sing at the opening of the concert.

The event will comply with the rules in force at the time of its conduct, announce the organizers. The show has already been seen by almost two million fans around the world, being considered by them one of the most extravagant and spectacular LIVE performances from a visual point of view, including hits from the entire career of the band.

The 2022 show will also feature songs from the new studio album, "Senjutsu". The band Iron Maiden last appeared on stage in Romania in 2016, so now will be the first time that Romanian fans will be able to witness the famous show "Legacy" and will hear live live songs of the band.

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood said: "Next summer we will finally be able to support the big stadium tournament in Europe for Legacy of the Beast which was to take place in 2020 and which has been rescheduled twice. We are excited to add some of the big cities in Eastern Europe to this tour, and we managed to get to Ukraine, where we never sang. We will make some changes to the stage production and setlist to include songs from the new album "Senjutzu", which will turn Legacy of the Beast into a more spectacular show than the original version. But rest assured that we will include all the hits and original elements of the tournament, such as Spitfire, Icarus, Hell, Flamethrowers, Pyrotechnic Elements and more. At the same time, we will add new elements, and Trooper Eddie will have a serious competition in the new "world" of Senjutsu that we thought ".
Iron Maiden soloist Bruce Dickinson added:

"We can't wait to return to Europe next year and it's great that we were able to add Bucharest and the other concerts in Eastern Europe, big cities with great fans. I'm excited about the new changes in stage production and I can't wait for everyone to see what I've prepared for them. The whole band enjoyed the Legacy tour, and now we can't wait to get back on track, play live, have fun and reconnect with everyone. "

Who are the Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden, the heavy metal legend, needs no introduction. After concerts in front of millions of people around the world, after 17 studio albums and dozens of Platinum and Gold Records, Iron Maiden has earned a place in the history of music, not just metal.

After 46 years of operation, Iron Maiden has become an institution. It is one of the most influential bands in history, its music ranging from bands like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax to Avenged Sevenfod, Ghost, Trivium or Slipknot just to name a few, but Maiden's influence extends to metal bands extreme, such as Death, My Dying Bride, Moonspel, Cannibal Corpse or Sepultura.

Iron Maiden return to Romania and bring with them the latest record, "Senjutsu". We are talking about the best-placed US Billboard record of the band, which reached the 3rd position, surpassing the classics "Powerslave" and "Number Of The Beast". In addition, "Senjutsu" reached the top position in over 15 charts around the world, dominating the charts in Europe.

The album was released on September 3, 2021 and enjoyed only positive reviews from critics and fans. Even Bruce Dickinson said he was already one of Iron Maiden's favorite albums. We will listen to songs from Senjutsu as well as many other "hymns" dedicated to Maiden at the concert in Bucharest.

Tickets for the Iron Maiden concert in Bucharest
Tickets go on sale in 3 categories, Aces High in front of the stage, The Beasts behind it and then Troopers and have the following prices:

Earlybird: the first 500 tickets in each category

Aces High - 399 lei
The Beasts - 339 lei
Troopers - 259 lei


Aces High - 449 lei
The Beasts - 369 lei
Troopers - 289 lei


Aces High - 480 lei
The Beasts - 400 lei
Troopers - 320 lei

To the price of all tickets ordered in earlybird and presale is added the ticket issuance commission of 15 lei.

Only 3,500 tickets are available iin the Aces High category and 3,500 in The Beasts. In total, only 15,000 tickets are on sale.

Tickets can be found in electronic format on and in Flanco, Metro Unirii 1, Muzica, IQ BOX, Uman stores and on Selfpay terminals. Online, you can pay by card, Paypal, on the bill at Vodafone or Orange or refund by Fan Courier anywhere in the country.
Children under 2 years old have free access accompanied by a valid ticket holder.

We recommend fans who come with children under 10 to protect their ears with special headphones. At the concert the volume will be loud and it can affect the children's hearing.

Organizers will provide enough points of sale for drinks to avoid queues. It is recommended to come to the concert early and not before the last band. At peak hours, just before the band enters the stage when the maximum capacity of the location is reached, the bars are crowded. The organizers will provide a detailed program a few weeks before the concert. Access with umbrellas is forbidden.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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