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The mayor of Brașov, the first statements about Massif Winter 2022 | FESTIVALPHOTO

The mayor of Brașov, the first statements about Massif Winter 2022



Allen Coliban, the mayor of Brașov, made statements about Massif Winter 2022. “If, in recent years, Brașov has been in a shadow cone in terms of events, from 2022 we will be on the map of major festivals. One of these great festivals that come to Brașov will be organized by those from Untold, called Massif, a concept of events adapted to the local specifics of Poienii Brașov.

Thus, we maintain Poiana Brașov, the most important winter resort in Romania, and over the years we want to transform it into resort no. 1 in Europe for young people, bringing here an avalanche of foreign tourists. This winter festival is not only an opportunity to promote Brasov, but also a way to bring revenue to the local budget, as well as to support businesses in Brasov, "he said in a statement issued by the organizers of Massif Winter 2022.

Massif Winter 2022 Vacation Packages

Organizers are offering holiday packages, including access to the event and accommodation in Poiana Brașov, to those interested from December 22nd. These can be purchased from the partner hotel units in the resort.

Tickets for Massif Winter 2022

Individual tickets, which will only allow access to MASSIF Winter, without accommodation, will be available for purchase from January.

About Massif Winter

The Massif Winter 2022 project will be fully funded by private funds by the organizers UNTOLD and Neversea. The budget for the 2022 edition for MASSIF WINTER is over 2.4 million euros.

The organizers say that “through this project, the UNTOLD universe is expanding with a new original concept, which will attract hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, both in Poiana Brașov and in the region. UNTOLD representatives turned their attention to the mountain resort with the cleanest air in Europe - Poiana Brașov ”.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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