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The Dirty Denims-Ready.Steady.Go | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Dirty Denims-Ready.Steady.Go



The Dirty Denims are back with their third fun fueled record.
Their infectious grove started back in 2014 with with their debut album "High Five", followed up by the great “Back With A Bang” in 2017 which I thought was a superb slab of honest, down to earth classic hard rock.
Ready Steady Go! Contains 11 tracks of pure happy rock fun, no ego’s here, never one take’s themselves to serious, it’s all about putting a smile on people’s faces.
The title track is a great sing a long track with a killer opening riff, sounding like a female fronted AC/DC this makes no apologies borrowing riffs from the Australian rockers.
Last Call For Alcohol is up next, and sounds nothing like AC/DC, and that’s a good thing, as the Dirty Denims can write a good tune without the need for AC/DC inspired riffs.
The hi energy continues with the frantic “Too Much Information”, with a fantastic use of a keyboard to compliment the guitar riff, it’s over before it starts, all over in a little over two minutes. Two minutes of total fun, I must add.
Back to the a guitar laden heavy track next, “Thunder From Down Under” with hints of Thunderstruck in the chorus, they do make you smile this band.
Turn Off The Radio is about commercial radio stations making too much noise pollution with their incessant banal “music”. Totally agree 
Creatures Of The Night will be the first single, with some cool The Cult vibes. The lyrics describe the famous kitchen scene from the 80's movie The Gremlins.
The Ramones inspired “Band not a Brand” brings a great punkrock feeling to the track, all smiles from me.
Beautiful (My Darling) is a love song, though you won’t find it any slower than the other tracks on here, it powers along at 100mph.
Finally, The Dirty Denims slow down, with their first ever acoustic track, which is a reworking of track number 2, it works well, so well in that that it’s hard to choose between the two versions.
All in all, a great second album, with no two tracks sounding the same, you can forgive them for the nod they give AC/DC in the opening track.

Side A
1. Ready, Steady, Go!
2. Last Call For Alcohol
3. Too Much Information
4. Thunder From Down Under
5. Turn Off The Radio
6. Messin' Around

Side B
1. Roll The Dice
2. Creatures Of The Night
3. Band Not A Brand
4. Beautiful (My Darling)
5. Last Call For Alcohol (Hangover Version)

Band Members
Mirjam - Vocal/Guitar,
Jeroen - Guitar,
Marc - Bass,
Suzanne - Drums.
The Dirty Denims band photo 2019 by Willem Wouterse


Writer: Dr Rock
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