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Interview with Danko Jones. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with Danko Jones.

Danko Jones is a Canadian rock trio from Toronto, Ontario.
The band consists of Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), John 'JC' Calabrese (bass guitar) and Rich Knox (drums).
On stage they have energetic live shows and humorous lyrics.
In this interview we´re gonna find out more of the band and the man behind it.

So how are things with you today?

Your latest album "A Rock Supreme" was released 2019-04-26 tell a little more about that album?
It was produced by Garth Richardsson ouside Vancouver.
We are very happy and proud of it.
Ulf Lundén did the artwork and we´re very pleased with that to.

Cool, what about your tourplans in the near future?
Yes, allways.
We are doing festivals this summer and have a seven week your planned with Volbeat this fall.

That´s sound nice.
How do you when you create new music?
We write riffs and arrange them in to songs.

Sounds simple enough, you have very energetic live shows.
Where do you find this energy?
I like playing on stage, other than that it´s hard to describe.

Is Danko Jones your real name or a artist name?
Iam really Danko Jones.

When I was listening to "The Magical World of Rock with Danko Jones", I got more of your mindset.
And you are talking about being a "professional music listener", is that something that you have taken with you in your career and music making?
Sure, music is my career that use to be my hobby.

Cool, and if you had to choose one of your songs that you are extra proud of, which would it be and why?
Every song is like one´s kid, I love em all but differently.

When you released your video triology "Full Of Regret ...", "Had Enough" and "I Think Bad Thoughts" you really have an all-star cast in these videos. Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) and Lemmy Kilmister.
What was it like working with them?
It was a thill to work with everyone that you mentioned.
We´ll all big fans and honoured they agreed to be in our videos.

I can just imagine how cool it was.
Can you also tell us a little more about the idea and the thought behind this triology?
Jason and Josh Diamond where the directors.
We´ve known them for years.
Is was their vision.

Okey I see, do you have any tips for young musicians out there?
Buy alot of records and listen to them all, alot.

Cool and thanks for this interview and hope to see you live once again.

//Grimgoth™ -

Writer: Grimgoth
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