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The Creepshow, The Interrupters and Dropkick Murphys @ Sherwood Festival | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Creepshow, The Interrupters and Dropkick Murphys @ Sherwood Festival



Probably Italy is not so famous for music fests, but it is actually the cradle of some very good festivals, among which, I have to say, Sherwood Festival in Padua is one of my favourites. It is an independent, multi-genre and multi-coloured festival, which lasts for one month and more, and it comprehends activities for kids, meetings, panels and discussions. Therefore, with such an atmosphere it is basically impossible not to have fun! Especially if the bill of the night says The Creepshow, The Interrupters and Dropkick Murphys!

Let’s start with The Creepshow, a psychobilly Canadian band, which change band members and singer during the years but without losing their grip and energy. Oh well, I need to say this: I really love them! I love how they blend psychobilly, punk and more classic rock. And then it is a female fronted band, what can I say, it is just perfect! They were the openers of the night so their set lasted only 30 minutes, but, fuck yeah, they were great!

Talking about a female fronted band, it is time for The Interrupters. The beloved ska band of everyone in the punk rock world. Their incredible success is of course well deserved. They are one of the best bands on stage, so full of energy, so funny, so engaging… and I didn’t talk about their songs yet! Which are simply amazing, as you may know. During their set here at the Sherwood festival, they played all their most famous songs, from ‘Take Back the Power’ to ‘By My Side’ and the new ones, ‘She’s Kerosene’, ‘Gave you Everything’ and ‘Title Holder’ and of course, to end the show, ‘My Family’.

Headliners of the night, the godfathers of Irish punk: Dropkick Murphys. To tell you the truth, after so many years I was not expecting something new from them, or something exciting. I saw them live so many times, I went up on stage, I was mad for them. After all this, I was just curious to hear some songs and have a drink. Well, they ruined my plan. They were on stage as they were years ago. Entertaining, spectacular, perfectly on time and coordinated among them. They went through all their classic songs and they played us also some real gems. Best moment? Oh well, seeing Kendra (The Creepshow) on stage singing ‘The Dirty Glass’ is one of them, the other is singing altogether, but really all together, ‘Rose Tattoo’. They are still a great Irish punk band, probably they tend now more on a rock sound, but guys, you still know how to rock a fucking evening!


Writer: Stefania Grosso
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