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Robin Trower - Time and emotion | FESTIVALPHOTO

Robin Trower - Time and emotion



Robin Trower has been making music for a long time - over fifty years in fact, first finding fame as a member of Procul Harum and then under his own name. He's consistently made great music over that time, most recently on his 2015 album "Something's about to change" which I absolutely loved.

I'm not sure I'd describe this as a Blues album. Yes there is a Blues element to the music, particularly on the longer tracks "If you believe in me" and "Returned in kind", but pigeonholing the album as a blues album tends to suggest it only appeals to blues fans. Instead this is an album that will appeal to a much wider range of music lovers. Yes Blues fans will love it, lovers of great guitar playing are also going to love it, but so are many more people. It's just beautiful music. The guitar playing is superb but not in a flashy "give me attention" kind of way, it's just beautiful and melodic and so easy to listen to that you'll lose track of how long you've been listening.

This really is a stunningly good album. Robin Trower's guitar playing is beautiful to listen to - pick any song on the album and you'll hear fantastic guitar playing. It's an incredibly strong album too with every single track being top quality - this is all killer no filler.

"Time and emotion" will be released on 4th August 2017

Track listing:

1. The land of plenty
2. What was I really worth to you
3. I'm gone
4. Bitten by the snake
5. Returned in kind
6. If you believe in me
7. You're the one
8. Can't turn back the clock
9. Make up your mind
10. Try love
11. Time and emotion

Writer: Anthony May
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