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Eagles Of Death Metal. I love you all the time: Live at the Olympia in Paris | FESTIVALPHOTO

Eagles Of Death Metal. I love you all the time: Live at the Olympia in Paris


In November 2015, the world’s media turned their attention to a shocking terrorist attack in Paris.
A well-known international touring venue, the Bataclan, was hosting the American band, The Eagles Of Death Metal, when it was hit by a cowardly attack leaving 89 people dead.
However Just three months later, the band returned to Paris and played a show at the Olympia venue. At the time, singer Jesse Hughes had this to say…”The people of Paris have always been incredible to us and our feeling of love towards this beautiful city and its people has been reinforced a million times over this past month. Hearing the stories of the survivors and the injured and those who have lost loved ones has been overwhelming. Not returning to finish our set was never an option”.
That February’s 2016 gig was filmed and is now being released on double CD, BluRay and DVD through Eagle Vision.
While there is a CD version, the DVD is really needed to fully appreciate that night, as you can catch the interaction between the fans and band as they come onto the stage and understandably not really knowing what to do. Normally bands come on stage after the intro and launch straight into the opening songs with lots of running around to announce their arrival song, but not here; instead the band took to the stage and looked out at the fans, who looked back, no words are spoken, was there any need?
During those first few minutes Jesse Hughes in particular was visibly moved by the warm reception they got, not just as a band, but as a testament to picking themselves up after being so brutally knocked down. The band waiting for Jessie to give them the go ahead to start to play is visually heart breaking, and they do struggle to start their set, but finally they, opening up with “I only want you”.
During this song, Jessie stops the show to say a few words about that terrible night, saying “Let’s take a moment to remember and we’ll get back to the fun”, and then resuming the song after a few moments of total silence from the audience and band. This seems to settle both the band and fans, and they go on to deliver a blindingly good set.

Easy flowing songs like ‘Whorehoppin’ and ‘Got A Woman’ are played that little bit tighter tonight while their cover of the Stealers Wheel classic “Stuck in the middle with you” – “Stuck in the metal” raises the roof.

The CD version is a 2 CD package featuring all 19 songs from the show. The CD inlay card unfolds to reveal some photos and a dedication – This CD is dedicated to Nick Alexander, Thomas Ayad, the 89 victims at the Bataclan on November 13th 2015 and the victims of terrorism all around the world.

The DVD and BluRay versions include three bonus tracks filmed at the band’s october 2015 performance at L.A.’s Terragram ballroom.

This is a truely great live release.
Track listing:

1. Intro: Il est cinq heures, Paris S’Eveille
2. I only want you
3. Don’t speak (I came to make a bang!)
4. So easy
5. Complexity
6. Whorehoppin’ (Shit, Goddamn)
7. I love you all the time
8. Cherry cola
9. The reverend
10. Got a womna
11. I got a feelin (Just nineteen)
12. Stuck in the metal
13. Miss Alissa
14. I like to move in the night
15. Secret plans
16. Wannabe in L.A.
17. Bag O’Miracles
18. Save a prayer
19. I want you so hard (Boy’s bad news)
20. Speaking in tongues

Bonus tracks (DVD/BluRay only)

21. Anything ‘cept the truth
22. Bad dream mama
23. Shasta beast

Writer: Dr Rock
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