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Dragonforce @ Hellfest 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dragonforce @ Hellfest 2016


The worst show of the festival. Let’s talk about the awful sound: what’s the point of seeing Dragonforce live if you can’t hear the f-ing guitars? Unfortunately, it was all about the double-bass drum today. Also, a lot of technical problems prevented the band from doing their thing and Marc Hudson even had to take what seemed to be a very looong time to speak with the technical crew because he couldn’t hear himself singing in his earplugs. Only five songs were played with this sloppy sound before the band had to wave goodbye and leave the stage. Two words: huge fail (and this comes from a DF fan, so I guess that the haters were laughing their asses off…). Ok, this show wasn’t easy to do for Dragonforce, but it was hard to bear for the audience. It felt like absolutely NOBODY was involved in it happening.

Writer: Paul S
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