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Bad Touch - Truth be told | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bad Touch - Truth be told



Bad Touch are a band from Norfolk who sound more Deep South USA than rural England. They've got a great Classic rock meets southern rock sound and as you listen to this album you can't fail to be impressed.
Have a listen to "99%" and hear for yourself what they're like. It's a great song and is the first single from the album, but I wouldn't have picked it as the best song here. In fact picking the best song on the album is a tricky one - there are too many contenders for that title.

There's nothing overdone or pretentious with Bad Touch - no guitar solos thrown in to boost the guitarists ego, no extra stuff that doesnt need to be there - this is just good rock and roll - great music to listen to loud when driving or to party to.

A band for fans of Black stone cherry, Broken Witt rebels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more.

"Truth be told" will be releasd on 2nd December 2016

Track listing:

1. One more night
2. 99%
3. Waiting for this
4. Under my skin
5. Heartbreaker, Soulshaker
6. Take your time
7. Let the sun shine
8. My mother told me
9. Outlaw
10. Made to break
11. Healing hand
12. The mountain

Writer: Anthony May
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