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Kadavar @Copenhell 24th June 2016 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kadavar @Copenhell 24th June 2016



The crowd at Pandæmonium is smaller to start with, but more people are joining by the minute - standing around in small groups, chatting, laughing and enjoying themselves!

After, what seems like a very long intro setting the mood just right, Kadavar, takes the stage! I love the set up - drummer Christoph "Tiger" Bartelt in the centre and almost at the edge of the stage, flanked by lead singer and guitarist Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann and Simon "Dragon" Bouteloup on bass! It is clear from the beginning that this Berlin trio means business!

With a back catalouge of three albums, this band has been touring like crazy, and I can definitely tell, that these guys are tight! They maneuver with easy in the psychedelic heavy blues rock genre, that suits them! Looking at them I get the same vibe with their long hair and full beards!

By the second song the band has the crowd joining in really well, and the Space in front of stage is now packed! "Beers are looking good and so are you - Copenhell, it's good to be here!" - Front man Lupus entices the crowd and it seems to me the connection is there!

Kadavar manages to keep it that way throughout the show – they are energetic and present with a power packed and no bullshit attitude!

Even though it's not your traditional hard-hitting Copenhell performer these guys are convincing enough to get the crowd going, considering the time of day, and the feeling that mpst people are waiting for King Diamond!

It's an easy going crowd, talking and chilling it seems they are having a good time, and Kadavar is setting the mood just right for cold beers in the sun at Copenhell!

I talk to a couple standing behind me, and they are liking Kadavar as a alternative to the heavier bands at Copenhell "They are definitely worthy of the horns! Mini horns, but horns nonetheless!".


Writer: Ann Dorte
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