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A night with HCSS in Falkenberg | FESTIVALPHOTO

A night with HCSS in Falkenberg



When it comes to Sweden, everyone has their idea what it is like. Cold, dark, beautiful people, awesome gigs and so on. I can tell you from personal experiance that all of those above mentioned are true.

The story goes that me and my friend scored tickets to Sweden around the beginning of December, but of course while we are there, we should visit a concert or two. The search landed us on the 12th of December, in a little town called Falkenberg where Hardcore Superstar was playing that night.

We roamed around town, talking about how different will the gig be from the previous ones we’ve attended, since those were somewhere in Europe and this time it will be home ground. How will the setlist go, how much will they use from their several albums. The clock ticked by and it was time to go the Falkhallen, the place they held the concert. The place was packed with people, all dolled up and ready for an incredible night. The first band on the program was Grand Theft Culture. They looked like a band which wished to have been around the scene of early 80’ California, but they music said otherwise. A groovy, melodyc sound came from the speakers which sometimes met an electronic vibe. It was a really interesting general first look of the band, that they put in small pieces electronic elements which did not stand out or made you feel uncomfortable but the exact opposite! Fit in so well you wonder how did this not happen earlier! If anyone got curious check them on Facebook and Youtube, they have a quite intersting take on meeting different genres! The Unguided probably does not need an intruduction, but for those who haven’t heard of them: the former Sonic Syndicate members collided with the Sjunnesson brothers and thus The Unguided was born. The vocal duo brings back the Syndicate vibe, giving the former band’s fan a real treat. The crowd enjoyed the melodic metal band, going crazy for the songs, like Inception and Eye of the Thylacine. Lastly, Hardcore Superstar took the stage, starting strong with Sadistic Girls. By now the room was filled with people and they never stopped moving. The earlier thought of how bands are different in their home environment somewhat failed: these guys give their all, no matter where they are. Jocke never stopped moving, Vic worked the crowd like childs play, Martin looked like he never had a better time and Adde couldn’t stop smiling. The well oiled machine swiftly navigated between the old and new materials, giving us Wild Boys, Dreaming in a Casket and We don’t celebrate Sunday and Into debauchery, Last call for alcohol and Above the law.

To sum it up, when you visit Sweden, attending to a concert is a crucial point. You see something special in those few hours and it is an experiance that everyone should have, no matter where you live.

-nati szephelyi-


Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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