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The Wild Wild – Sing | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Wild Wild – Sing


New Single + LP Release Date - Friday 22nd January 2016

The Wild Wild – Sing – Indie Shuffle

What does one say about a track that sounds like an instant hit? Does one focus on the fact that it’s great, hooky, memorable and brilliant? Or does one mention the fact it sounds like an electro/indie/pop anthem in the style of MGMT, Friendly Fires and Walk The Moon?

The Wild Wild is a one-man-band consisting of Benjamin Dunn, a lad who one day decided to escape Illinois and live freely along the beaches of California whilst searching for something more meaningful in his existence… And guess what… He found it somewhere along the Californian coast where the calling for music had awoken in him and hasn’t left since…

The Wild Wild’s new single is a demonstration of the electro pop anthem with the Temper Trap-like arrangements of drum beats, well executed grandiosity of pounding pedals and soaring vocals shadowed by drizzling synths. Sing flirts with both pop and rock ears and leaves a listener wanting more, and you know where it’s headed from the word ‘go’. Simply speaking it’s a great showcase of quality song writing and sonic creativity in a classy electro/indie/pop bundle, which will be out on The Wild Wild’s debut LP Friday 22nd January 2016.


Writer: Festivalphoto
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