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Leprous gig in Garage, Bergen | FESTIVALPHOTO

Leprous gig in Garage, Bergen



Tradition to visit an interesting gig while I am travelling pays off all the time. When I have got to know about Leprous concert in Bergen, Norway, I knew it was the one worth a visit. Leprous, Norwegian progressive metal band, was on their tour with Rendezvous Point to present their newest album “The Congregation”. On the 25th of September it happened at the Garage club in Bergen.

Garage's bar was open as usual whole late afternoon and people for the Leprous gig started gathering already half an hour before the doors to the club were opened. Couple of beers before the gig, chat with the friends and around 10 pm everybody started slowly moving down to the cellar, where the stage was. In 40 minutes, the first band was on the stage.

To my surprise it was not Sphere, the promised support act for the following bands. Rendezvous Point were the first and only to warm up the audience for the Leprous show. These guys from Kristiansand seemed to be the perfect opening at this concert. They had a 40 minutes long, very energetic set with the quality progressive metal and very expressive vocalist in the front. Garage, already packed by progressive metal fans, seemed to love it. It was not even Leprous on the stage yet and it was all buzzing. Who knew that Bergen loves progressive metal so much...

Another half an hour spent during the break between the bands and almost at midnight, Leprous was finally on the stage. Lights off, four screens with the visuals on and intro – everything that was needed to be done for attention catching entrance. Extremely warmly welcomed lads stepped on the stage and showed what they are made of – technical but very emotional music, energy and charisma. The band prepared and played 1,5 hour long set, mostly concentrated of newer songs because of the new album “The Congregation” presentation. It all sounded very well, the vocal part were noticeably in the front of many other. Despite that, all the instrumental parts were lovely, especially guitars and drummer's solo was noticed as well. The whole set was very continuous, with small gaps or none at all – music went on almost none stop and that was very pleasant for the listening and watching the show as well.


Writer: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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