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Alestorm: Sunset On the Golden Age | FESTIVALPHOTO

Alestorm: Sunset On the Golden Age



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Scottish band ALESTORM still feels fresh-faced but has been a going concern since 2004, as BATTLEHEART, and 2007 as ALESTORM as they signed with Napalm Records. The one remaining from 2004 is keyboard player and vocalist Christopher Bowes, bassist turned guitarist Dani Evans has been around since 2006, bass player Gareth Murdoch since 2008, drummer Peter Alcorn since 2010 and keyboardist Elliott Vernon since 2011. Christopher has even had the time to start an amusing side project in the shape of GLORYHAMMER. This is their fourth album, so the difficult third has passed, but can you play pirate metal forever in the 21ct?

Maybe you can use your Celtic lineage and throw in a bit of Joakim Brodén vocals too? The sheer speed of opener “Walk the Plank” makes it hilarious. “Drink” may have a refrain close to IGNORANCE´S “Sean” (Sean x 15, back in the late eighties), but their sheer persistence leaves an impression of early TANKARD goes Scottish. But then comes “Magnetic North” and all my preconceptions goes out the window. Not that they opt for competition with DREAM THEATER but it is way more conceived than their normal DROPKICK MURPHY´s metal. Yes there are a few more drinking epos, i.e. “Hangover”, and “Mead from Hell”. “Wooden Leg” makes fun of the worst of fates back then and “Surf Squid Warfare” is something in that vein. But then there is “Quest for Ships” which is very Scottish, and “1741 – The Battle of Cartagena” and the title track that both are more contemplating than just about the bands entire catalogue. Somehow I feel that the band has considered it´s options. But armed with a bit of Celtic-ness, epic-ness and Swedish-ness (Brodén) I believe there are a couple of more albums, both of mirth and seriousness, in this band of Scots!

Track List
Walk the Plank
Magnetic North
1741 - The Battle of Cartagena
Mead from Hell
Surf Squid Warfare
Quest for Ships
Wooden Leg
Sunset on the Golden Age

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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