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Jouis - Dojo



Brighton based band Jouis (the name is a French word that translates roughly to "High enjoyment" that combines Jazz, Psychedaelia and Prog rock - certainly an interesting combination. They've toured and played festivals including Secret garden party, Camden crawl and Glastonbury. They're released a single and two EPs and are now releasing their debut album, Dojo.

As you'd expect from an album that combines Jazz, Psychedaelia and Prog rock, the results are certainly interesting. If you like your Prog to be experimental with a large dose of psychedelia and well away from mainstream rock then this could be an album for you. It's certainly not likely to appeal to mainstream rock fans, but songs such as "Misty maker stomp" could well appeal to Pink Floyd fans.

I sugest you watch the video below for the track "Misty maker stomp" and hear for yourself the sort of music you can expect from the album. I can't say it's a typical track - there's so much variety here that no one track can represent the album.

A good album with excellent musicianship, likely to appeal to Psychedlia and Prog fans.

"Dojo" will be released on 24th November 2014

Track listing:

1. All that is and is one
2. Loop
3. What's new guru?
4. Earthly emerald eyes
5. Hyperception
6. New moon
7. Misty maker stomp
8. Rain
9. Universe goggles

Jouis - Misty Maker Stomp (Official Video) from Lucky Bozu on Vimeo.

Writer: Anthony May
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