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Alex Highton - Nobody knows anything | FESTIVALPHOTO

Alex Highton - Nobody knows anything


Alex Highton released his debut album two and a half years ago in February 2012. Woodditton wives club. The album got support from BBC Introducing and BBC6 Music and led to him playing festivals including Summer Sundae and Camp Bestival as well as touring the US and Europe. Now he's back with his new album, "Nobody knows anything". It's less folky than his first album, and it's a big change, not just a small one - the new album is a real mix of styles.

This is a strange album - there doesnt seem to be a common style through the album, instead it changes a lot and the album lacks any sense of cohesiveness as a result. It feels more like a random collection of songs than songs that were written to go together. There are some great songs here when listened to individually, but as an album I find it difficult to enjoy.

Lyrically it's an excellent piece of work, the vocals are good, and most of the music I like too - it's just the fact the songs don't feel like they belong together that spoils the album for me.

"Nobody knows anything" will be released on 8th December 2014

Track listing:

1. You don't own this life
2. It falls together
3. Panic
4. Sunlight burns your skin
5. She had this sister
6. Kills
7. The evil that men do
8. Fear
9. I only asked you to try
10. Somebody must know something
11. Nobody knows anything
12. Mephisto
13. It's

Writer: Anthony May
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