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Owlle - France | FESTIVALPHOTO

Owlle - France


Owlle is a young French pop singer, who has already played festivals in China, around Europe, and the Lovebox festival in the UK. France is her debut album.
"Ticky ticky" was the first track to be released from the album, 18 months ago, and she has recently released a video for "Creed" - check it out at the bottom of this review.

The album has been out for some time in France, but is only now getting a UK release. UK fans do gain though - we get two bonus tracks included, which are remixed versions of a couple of songs from the album.

It's very good electro pop, but it's got something more than the "electro pop" description may at first conjure up. There are strong choruses and great pop tunes, but there are also complicated or even confusing elements, and then there are tracks like "Your eyes" which is slow and soft and absolutely beautiful.

If you are a fan of electro pop then this is definitely well worth a listen.

"France" will be released on 17th November 2014

Track listing:

1. Fog
2. Don't lose it
3. Like a bow
4. Your eyes
5. Ticky ticky
6. Creed
7. Silencer
8. Disorder
9. 9
10. Free
11. My light is gone
UK bonus tracks:
12. Silence
13. Fog (remix)

Writer: Anthony May
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