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Cut Teeth To Release Debut Album 'Night Years' | FESTIVALPHOTO

Cut Teeth To Release Debut Album 'Night Years'

Cut Teeth are set to release their debut album 'Night Years', via Topshelf Records this December.

The album creates a gripping cacophony of sounds by merging esoteric and discordant guitar lines with melodic and energetic vocals. So many comparisons can be made to various bands and even other rosters, but no releases come to mind from this scene today that are more loud and unashamedly riff-heavy than this groundbreaking debut.

Cut Teeth may be new to the Topshelf roster, but with 'Night Years' the band are demonstrating that they are more than at home there. This debut is one of the most lively releases to come out on Topshelf this year, and is not one to be missed.

On January 18th, 2014 Cut Teeth went to Bricktop Studios with Pete Grossman to begin will be tracking bass and drums for Night Years. They then recorded everything else with drummer/engineer Matt Jordan (Stay Ahead of the Weather, You Blew It!) at his studio in Crystal Lake, IL and Jay Maas at Getaway Recording (Defeater) mastered the album. Artwork was done by the talented Les Herman.

Cut Teeth are a band whose formation came out of plain necessity. As each member's previous bands (The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead of the Weather, Red Knife Lottery, Monday's Hero) either dissolved or began to hibernate, the need for a new outlet became more and more urgent - that same urgency has acted as a catalyst for the music made by this Chicago four-piece.

When the band decided to begin writing songs together in early 2011, it was without any specific intentions or pretense other than to simply put the sort of songs into the world that they'd all been wanting to hear. The result resembles an aggressively angular, riff-laden amalgamation of four distinct personalities, venturing into varying levels of calculated disarray with bookish commentary and an occasional hook.

In early 2012, Cut Teeth self-released their debut EP, Televandalism. After garnering some positive whispers about town, the EP fell into the laps of Kevin and Seth at Topshelf Records, who graciously gave it a proper digital and vinyl release in the summer of the same year.

The band's full-length debut is to be expected on 15th December 2014. At that time, it is recommended that you put on the headphones, do whatever it is that you do to unwind, and enjoy.

Writer: Anthony May
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