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Rock im Park 2014 - day 2 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rock im Park 2014 - day 2


Day 2 - The Club Stage might be the smallest one of the three at Rock im Park festival, but in reality is not small at all and attracts huge crowd of fans. Especially during the second day. It’s also only arena stage from the three, since both Alterna and Center Stage are open-airs. Bit unusual for a summer festival, but works just fine. It’s definitely a pleasure to escape the burning sun for a few moments, although inside of the arena it’s just as hot as outside due to masses of people gathering here to see the artists perform.

During this day, with bands like Japanese Coldrain, one of the very few female fronted bands on the festival - heavy metal Huntress with their witch-like singer Jill Janus or Crossfaith starting the countless circle pits, wall of death and their keybordist that ended up in the middle of the fans in front rows you could very easily find yourself at the Club Stage for almost a whole day and that was only the beginning. Next up were Miss May I with quite an average show, followed by Architects, who really stepped up the game on the Club Stage with some new shit out of their last album Lost Forever, Lost Together, but also with some older songs. Suicide Silence with a new singer were a bit of a disappointment for me personally, but the crowd didn’t really seem to mind all that much. It looks like the band still keeps up and goes on even after the tragedy that Mitch Lucker’s death certainly was.

Suicide Silence
photo: Pali Hudak

Buckcherry show was a turn for the better after the two previous, but the absolute highlight of the Club Stage that day was performance of Of Mice & Men. Lots of smoke and wild lights might have been quite difficult to deal with while photographing, but it certainly looked great and the band’s energy mixed with great music got the crowd wild with circle pits and jumping up and down. These guys really rocked the stage.

Of Mice & Men
photo: Pali Hudak

Next band, Ghost, has achieved an incredible success in the relatively short time, based both on their music as well as on their stage appearance. Five of the group's six members wear hooded robes and the vocalist appears wearing skull make-up and dressed as a Roman Catholic pope. On top of that, the musicians keep their identities a secret, causing countless rumours about who the Nameless Ghouls and Papa Emeritus really are, since it hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

Meanwhile on the Alterna Stage Queens of the Stone Age started their set followed by Nine Inch Nails with their singer Trent Raznor, who is rightfully claimed a musical genius. The last NIN album might have been received with some reservations from the die hard Nine Inch Nails fans and is certainly not the best the band has produced, but their live show is well worth seeing.

Nine Inch Nails
photo: Pali Hudak

Author: Ivana Kovacova

Rock im Park 2014
06. - 09. june 2014
Nürnberg, Germany

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Writer: Pali Hudak
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