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W.E.T.: One Live - In Stockholm | FESTIVALPHOTO

W.E.T.: One Live - In Stockholm

Promoting their second outing “Rise Up”, W.E.T. was caught in the act at the Debaser Club in Stockholm in early 2013. No surprises here as there are connections to TALISMAN as well as ECLIPSE and WORK OF ART. Still the sheer quality and craftsmanship impress all the way.
“Walk Away” opens the proceedings and there is a fair bit of audience cheer. The first half of the album is the weakest to me, albeit with highlights like “Invincible”, ECLIPSE´s “Bleed & Scream” and the ubiquitous and eternal TALISMAN track “I´ll Be Waiting”. As SOTO dedicates “Comes Down Like Rain” the temperature righteously rises, and from then on the band is in high gear. The underrated TALISMAN greatness of “Mysterious” and closing track “One Love” is a minor climax. I think that a n altered track list would have sorted some of the slack time out. Both new tracks “Poison (Numbing the Pain)” and (especially), “Bigger than the Both of Us” are hints of a bright future. The classic Scandinavian hard rock/AOR is there, the refrains are strong, with a hint of more punch in the latter. Both would have raised the roof live! This one is more recommended than many other live albums from Frontiers.

Track List
Walk Away
Learn to Live Again
I´ll Be There
Love Heals
Rise Up
Bleed & Scream
Bad Boy
Still Unbroken
Broken Wings
I´ll Be Waiting

If I Fall
Comes Down Like Rain
The Great Fall
What You Want
Brothers in Arms
One Love

Bonus Tracks, Studio
Poison (Numbing the Pain)
Bigger Than Both of Us

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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