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Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the firepit | FESTIVALPHOTO

Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the firepit



Finnish band Brother Firetribe formed in 2002 and released their debut album in 2006 with their second following two years later. Now, after a six year gap they're back with a new album. This may at first glance seem like a fairly infrequent release schedule but the reason is likely to be down to the fact that at least one of the band members is in another band - guitarist Emppu Vuorinen is a member of Nightwish, so is limited to gaps in the Nightwish schedule to be able to work with Brother Firetribe.

If the presence of Emppu means you're expecting symphonic metal then think again - this is very different from Nightwish and is actually melodic rock, and extremely good melodic rock at that. Listening to the album it's hard to understand how the band aren't much better known - this is such a good record. In fact if Emppu decided to leave Nightwish and focus on Brother Firetribe then I have no doubt that the band would be much better known as they'd have time to tour and build the much bigger fanbase they deserve.

The vocals are smooth as is typical in the AOR genre and sound great. Add in some lovely keyboards, some nice drums and bass to give a solid rhythm and some guitars to give it a harder rock edge and you've got all the ingredients for a great album.

Brief comments on a few tracks....

"For better or for worse" sees some of the best guitar work on the album, from the guitar based intro to the heavier riffs in the main part of the song. Add in the soaring keyboards and those beautiful vocals and this is a really good song.

"Desperately" has a slower rock ballad feel to it, and with the slightly deeper lead vocals backed up with some nice backing vocals it's another great song.

"Winner takes it all" is another great track (but then again there are no weak tracks on this album at all).

This is an absolutely superb album and one that all AOR/Melodic rock fans should definitely check out. I'm sure the Nightwish connection will encourage more people to check this album out but this is an album that doesn't need to rely on things like that to impress - it's a top quality album from a great band.

"Diamond in the firepit" will be released on 5th may 2014

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Love is not enough
3. Far away from love
4. For better or for worse
5. Desperately
6. Edge of forever
7. Hanging by a thread
8. Trail of tears
9. Winner takes it all
10. Tired of dreaming
11. Reality bites
12. Close to the bone

Brother Firetribe are...

Vocals - Pekka Ansio Heino
Guitars - Emppu Vuorinen
Keyboards - Tomi Nikulainen
Bass/Backing vocals - Jason Flinck
Drums - Kalle Torniainen

Writer: Anthony May
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