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Heavens Basement - Electric Ballroom, London - 27th march 2014 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Heavens Basement - Electric Ballroom, London - 27th march 2014



It's only a few months since I last saw Heaven's Basement - that time as the support for Black veil Brides, and I was looking forward to seeing them at one of their headline shows. Clearly a lot of fans felt the same way judging by the large queue outside the venue well before the doors opened.

First on tonight's bill were South Wales band The Dirty Youth. I've seen the band several times before and always enjoyed them. Singer Danni Monroe is a great frontwoman and tonight as always, her brighly dyed hair shines in the spotlights making her impossible to miss (the fact that she's standing on a box on a high stage means she towers over the crowd makign her even more unmissable). The whole band put in a great performance with the drummer being a constant blur of arms as he plays. They are certainly a good choice to support Heaven's Basement, going down very well with the audience. Tonight's set included a song written with Benji Webbe from Skindred, and a song that got plenty of audience singing - "Requiem of the drunk". They ended the set with "Fight". A great set and a great start to the night.

Next up were Glamour of the Kill. They seem a slightly odd choice being much heavier, but do go down well and soon get a moshpit going - and even get the fans to do a wall of death during the last song. Surprisingly for such a heavy band, they do a cover of the KISS classic, "Love gun" which goes down very well. It's a good performance and the reception they got from the crowd showed that despite a different sound to the other two bands, they were a good choice for the tour.

After a microphone check from the tour manager which got the crowd singing along to his Metallica vocals (which certainly beats the usual "one-two, one-two" of roadies testing microphone levels, finally came Heavens Basement. Towering over the audience as they stand on raised platforms atop the already high stage, they get straight down to it, and from the start to the end it's non stop rock. I've seen the band several times before and they do get better every time. They've got good songs and they know how to put in a great performance that gets the fans going, and tonight was a great example of it - they just make things look so easy as they put in a great rock and roll performance. This is a band that I expect to keep on growing in popularity over the next few years - well worth watching if you get the chance.

Heavens Basement setlist:

Welcome Home
Can't Let Go
Fire, Fire
Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch
Straight to Hell
Nothing Left to Lose
I Am Electric
The Price We Pay
Jump Back
Reign on My Parade
Executioner's Day


Writer: Anthony May
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