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Lita Ford: The Bitch Is Back...Live | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lita Ford: The Bitch Is Back...Live




LITA FORD, the name brings a smile to most male metalheads who experienced the eighties, or rockers who experienced the seventies. Lita started out in THE RUNAWAYS with a.o. JOAN JETT and CHERIE CURRIE. When the band folded she opted for a solo career, spanning eight studio albums prior to this one, which is her second live outing. She chose the intimate Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California, and the material is fetched from her solo career but opens with a rendition of ELTON JOHN´s “The Bitch Is Back”.

The rather small venue and the chosen raunchy but simple rock setting of every song is striking. ELTON opene up, but the audience is surely more interested in Lita´s heyday from 1983-91, and hopefully her latest release “Living Like a Runaway”. The latter is given healthy space and there is still room for the necessary classics. The unboosted versions feel rather off to me, but I watched her more boosted self on MTV in the eighties. There is something naked about the material, but also a warm welcoming from the audience. For a good while the title track off her latest album was the highlight, it feels as if she was very outspoken about herself on her excellent latest record. “Out for Blood” opens a classic hits ending, with highlights such as “Dancing on the Edge” and “Kiss me Deadly”. Hate is a surprise so late in the set but it works, and even though Lita is ranting about OZZY, his presence is so missed the song falls rather flat. The pure shock of having Lita on stage out of her “normal” 80´s blown up fat sound is too much for me. This is not bad but I miss the days of old.

Track List
The Bitch Is Back
Living Like a Runaway
Devil in My Head
Back to the Cave
Can´t Catch Me
Out for Blood
Dancing on the Edge
Close My Eyes Forever
Kiss Me Deadly

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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