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DARK SIDE OF THE ROCK- Six Inch got its first album | FESTIVALPHOTO

DARK SIDE OF THE ROCK- Six Inch got its first album



Melancholic dark rock shadows on it, the smell of nordic cold, and the sound of scandinavian soul makes Six Inch band to something unforgottable. The finnish group just released their ever first album during the summer. And the summer born disc just made them more engaged with the muse of dark rock style.

Six Inch from Helsinki formed in the grey autumn of 2010. After few changes in the crew Andy Moisio, a singer with strong and really personal voice took place as the band`s vocalist from the next spring. Band during the time released the first demo with its starter two song and later in the same year an EP, containing five more rockn’ and more heavy, soulful songs. During the winter months in 2012 violinist Pinja and keyboardist Nestori joined the band so the sound became more dark, mysterious, and passionate. That’s how Six Inch finally got its own totally foggy, romantic and misty feeling on the way to release their debut album and
Six Inch signed a contract with Italian Da-records snc in early 2013. Six Inch Melancholic Whisper Of Life album is out now.

And this album is far more sensual and more wild then they showed it up before. Listening their new and now consummate opus is giving a kind of strange, heavy but despite all this, a chance of restful relaxing in our mind and thoughts. Singer Andy was asked about Melancholic Whisper of life.

„ It's my first album ever, so I have to be proud of it. a small budget, but we got it to sound pretty good but there is lot of room for improvement of course. The album is the first step to something bigger and fascinating stuff.
Even, that the album is self-recorded in our sinful rehearsal space and mixed in the D-Studio, Finland.”
All these songs are so mysterious as the whole idea of dark rock feeling. All these inspired by the music of Manson, Nightwish, and Danny Elfman in the case of Six Inch.
„Its dark, beautiful and ugly unifying genre as form of therapy for myself. Now our music takes baby steps towards adulthood.We are teenagers on the next album and it is gonna be Great one.” – said Andy.


Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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