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Gary Moore - Back on the streets (Deluxe edition) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Gary Moore - Back on the streets (Deluxe edition)



"Back on the streets" was Gary Moore's first solo album to be released as such - his earlier album "Grinding stone" was released as The Gary Moore band. It was released in September 1978, just after he rejoined Thin Lizzy, and the album features two of his Thin Lizzy bandmates - Phil Lynott and Brian Downey. While most people know Gary Moore for his rock music, particularly with Thin Lizzy and for Blues, this album is quite unusual as several of the songs are neither but are more Jazz fusion than anything else.

Obviously the best known song here is "Parisienne walkways" - the single taken from the album, but there are other great tracks here too - "Don't believe a word" being a particular favourite of mind and which has definite Thin Lizzy feel to it (due in part no doubt to Phil Lynott's vocals).
It's an album that contains some superb material, but it's not an album I think that has that much popular appeal, and is one more for the die hard Gary Moore/Thin Lizzy fans. It's got some beautiful guitar playing and it's definitely an album that fans should own.

For me the only disappointment with this release is the lack of bonus material. Universal are usually excellent at including lots of previously unreleased or rare material with their deluxe editions, but on this one there are just 4 bonus tracks, three of which are from the "Spanish guitar" single, and the other being the B side of the "Back on the streets" single. It's nice to have these included but it just doesnt seem up to their usual standards which suggests either suitable material doesnt exist, or the owners refused to allow it's inclusion.

Back on the streets (Deluxe edition) will be released on 23rd September 2013

Track Listing:

1. Back On The Streets
2. Don't Believe A Word (Phil Lynott vocal)
3. Fanatical Fascists
4. Flight Of The Snow Moose
5. Hurricane
6. Song For Donna
7. What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp
8. Parisienne Walkways (Phil Lynott vocal)
Bonus tracks:
9. Track Nine
10. Spanish Guitar (Phil Lynott vocal)
11. Spanish Guitar (Gary Moore vocal)
12. Spanish Guitar (Instrumental)

Writer: Anthony May
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