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Bad For Lazarus Announce the release of their video‘BURNT!’ | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bad For Lazarus Announce the release of their video‘BURNT!’

Hot footing it across the still smouldering embers of their acclaimed debut single, ‘My Muddle’ back in November, Bad For Lazarus prepare to set fire to the stage curtain again with the release of their follow up single, ‘BURNT!’ on the 2nd September, 2013.

‘BURNT!’ – is the second single release off their cramp inducingly anticipated LP, ‘Life’s a Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang! due for launch this Winter. Reliably grubby sounding, much as one would expect from the feral BFL boys, the track’s varied keys sounds are at times corseted, at times astringent, but mainly throatily glottal. Why mention keys before guitars? Because there isn’t any guitar. Indeed, it’s not everyday you come across a great rock song with no guitars and it still manages to achieve full throttle in the listening stakes.

Dominic Knight, says of the video…”Inspired by the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, BURNT! is a psychedelic journey through the pitfalls and problems of a band life and the lengths that are undertaken to hold the ship together in the darkest of storms. It is a true love story of an unorthodox nature”

Bad For Lazarus haven’t just wooed the collective media with what they’ve put out and performed to date; they’ve courted the attention of heavyweight producers as well. Enter Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl)

Further tracks on their forthcoming album also bear testament to his production genius. In fact, it turns out Goss was so enthused about working with Bad For Lazarus, he wrote a poem about them. Here -

What’s Bad For Lazarus is Too Good For You, ASSHOLE. Echo Ringing. Snare Head Flapping. But You Don’t Care. Too Busy Napping. Oh Dear. Oh Me. What Shall We Do? What’s Bad For Lazarus is Too Good For You, ASSHOLE.

Rich Fownes, says of BURNT!… “It says everything we want to about our band: psychedelic and new-wave by design, but the rawest pop to the ears.”

Come see the band cook up an alchemical audio storm at the following venues:
30th The Soundhouse, Leicester

3rd - Old Blue Last, Shoreditch SINGLE LAUNCH
6th - Sticky Mike's, Brighton
22nd - Brisfest, Bristol

Release Date: 2nd September 2013
Label: SH!T CHIC
Distribution: INgrooves Fontana

Writer: Anthony May
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