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Saffire: From Ashes to Fire | FESTIVALPHOTO

Saffire: From Ashes to Fire



Inner Wound/Sound Pollution

Gothenburg band SAFFIRE was formed by Victor Olsson, guitars, and Dino Zuzic, keyboards, in 2006. Their previous joint effort was a funk band so this is definitely different. The rest of the abnd are Magnus Carlsson, bass, drummer Anton Roos, and vocalist Tobias Jansson. They have released demos at a steady pace (2007, 09, and 11), and the last demo was the proof of strength they needed. Fredrik Nordström (Studio Fredman) and Jens Bogren (SYMPHONY X etc.) have both been involved in mixing and mastering and inspiration comes from the likes of RAINBOW, DIO and WHITESNAKE so what could go wrong?

I will award this lot 4/5 although I´m not completely happy! They have a penchant for the minor key, which is not suited with the influences mentioned above. Much is up to Dino´s keys, and he surely saves a lot of songs. They mix in prog elements quite often, not least in the DREAM THEATER like “Modus Vivendi” and the almost too good to be true “She Remains a Mystery”. The ending of “Stormy Waters” is also on the list of overachievements. It is nowhere near the style I expected, but it is masterminded by the band and their display of musicianship is dazzling. But there are five or six too many directions in comparison with the band info. The mix is only slight, instead they come across as more than one set of musicians. But fact remains, there are many good tracks and the only song to really complain about is “The Betrayer´s Fate”, which is modern and heavy, and contributes a lot of confusion to the styles on the rest of the album. Still I believe that with ten songs on the next album they will convince and sound unanimous to the cause.

Track List
Kingdom of the Blind
Freedom Call
End of the World
What If
A Symphony Unheard
Modus Vivendi
The Betrayer´s Fate
She Remains a Mystery
Say Goodbye
The Redemption
Stormy Waters

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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