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Burning Rain: Epic Obsession | FESTIVALPHOTO

Burning Rain: Epic Obsession



Doug Aldrich´s side band BURNING RAIN is back with new material, in addition to the re-released first two albums from the nineties. Still there are Doug and vocalist Keith St John, and new in the fold are bassist Sean McNabb (DOKKEN, QUIET RIOT), and Matt Star (THE ACE FREHLEY BAND) on drums. A couple of gusts are also in the picture, e.g. drummers Brian Tichy and Jimmy D´Anda (ex. BULLET BOYS). The outset is the same, more bluesy rock to the people, but is it in the vein of the slower more AOR orientated debut or faster like the follow-up “Pleasure to Burn”?

From the first riff onwards it seems the band are set to repeat and follow the speedier second album. But don´t for a moment think that they will abandon the sensitive breathing technique or heartfelt pain of Mr. Coverdale… “Sweet Little Baby Thing” opens in fine fashion with Doug having a go at his guitar. Gone are to boring solos he did with DIO, and in is speedy blues rock to make your heart spin. “Till You Die” follows suite and the plusses are jotted down almost a speedy in the margin as the songs play on. “Play Out Loud” is perhaps a trifle of a song, but it is a speedy heed less trifle with a lot of stamina. The slower side is not forgotten. Tracks like “Heaven Gets Me By” and “Our Time Is Gonna Come” both have the decency to be soft to the core, without forgetting to increase in intensity, which has made a lot of ballads big in days gone by. The worst moment is “My Lust Your Fate” which has some annoying chopper like sounds on it (!), and I don´t really get anything new from yet another “Kashmir” cover. I really think this band has more to offer with their own material than trying on the much too large cloaks of others. Thumbs up, and I hope to see more chapters of this interesting band.

Tracks List
Sweet Little Baby Thing
The Cure
Till You Die
Heaven Gets Me By
Play Out Loud
Our Time Is Gonna Come
To Hard to Break
My Lust Your Fate
Made for Your Heart
Hide the Monkey
Out in the Cold Again
When Can I Believe in Love
Kashmir (LED ZEPPELIN Cover)
Heaven Gets Me By (Accoustic version)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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