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Volbeat - Outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies | FESTIVALPHOTO

Volbeat - Outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies



Danish band Volbeat are back with their fifth album. It's the first since former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano joined the band, and is a release likely to divide fans. It's got quite a different sound to their earlier albums, so while many fans will love it, others are likely to hate it - band's can't win really as if they keep remaking the same album with a few changes then people criticise them for not changing and beng boring, but when they do try something new then they get criticised for that too. Personally I like to see bands trying new things - sometimes they work and sometimes they dont - either way they've tried and can bear feedback in mind for their next releases.

A quick look at the track listing tells you the theme of the album - 'Doc Holliday', 'Lonesome rider', 'Black bart' and more - yes it's a Western themed album.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks..

'Room 24' is a very heavy track with ROb Caggiano's influence showing through in those heavy guitars. The song features guest vocals from King Diamond.

'Lonesome rider' is a mix of country and rockabilly, and sounds very different from the rest of the album. The song features guest vocals from Sarah Blackwood from Canadian band 'Walk Off The Earth'. I love this track, partly because it is so quirky and different from the rest of the album which is more of a conventional rock/metal sound

So, what to make of the album. I personally think it's a great album but as already mentioned I doubt if all Volbeat fans will be so enthusiastic at least initially - it's an album that is likely to take time for fans to get used to. I'd certainly recommend that people give it a listen though - it's definitely a great album.

Track listing:

1. Let's shake some dust
2. Pearl heart
3. The nameless one
4. Dead but rising
5. Cape of our hero
6. Room 24
7. The Hangmans body count
8. My body
9. Lola Montez
10. Black Bart
11. Lonesome rider
12. The sinner is you
13. Doc Holliday
14. Our loved ones

Volbeat are:

Michael Poulsen - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Larsen - Drums
Anders Kjølholm - Bass
Rob Caggiano - Guitar

Writer: Anthony May
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