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WHIPLASH Five Short Questions


WHIPLASH ”Thrash´n´Burn” Five Short Questions

Thrash metal legends WHIPLASH have released a new album, some 25 years after their first sign of life “Thunderstruck”. Guitarist, vocalist and founder member Tony Portaro took the time to answer some questions about the new CD.

Please describe the new album
- Our new cd is a mixture of power metal, thrash and just pure metal. We didn't set out to remake one of our old CD's and we didn't want to try and please everyone with a generic straight thrash CD. We are happy with it, Harris Johns produced it and it sounds great!!!!

How come the reformation of the band happened here and now? How were Joe and Rich chosen?
- Well Joe was the one who approached me about the project ... He hasn't been in the band since 1991...It is great chemistry again!! Me and Joe wrote the CD together with some help from Rich. Rich is a great friend of Joe's for over 20 years....The result is incredible.

Who influenced WHIPLASH back in 85´, and what influences do you have today?

What happens next; PR, touring etc?
- Whiplash will continue to tour and play shows for a long time to come. Whiplash will play Colombia November 7th and many festivals to come. The band sounds great live.

What can we expect from WHIPLASH the next ten years?
- Whiplash will continue to record and play for many years to come....We thank everyone who supports the band worldwide.
Cheers for your time!

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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